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Elena, 27 years old
Simferopol \ Ukraine
I cannot imagine my life without sport.
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ID Last Active
16397 Now online
First Name Nick Name
Margaryta Margo69
Age Children
29 years old without children
Weight Height
50 kg = 110 lbs 170 cm = 5'7"
City Country
Komsomolsk Ukraine
Astrological sign Chinise Zodiac
Gemini Bull
Eye color Hair color
grey light-brown
English Skills Languages Spoken
intermediate English, Russian
Religion Smoking
Christianity no
Marital status Occupation
never married Engineer

About Me
I am simple Ukrainian girl, tolerant and open-minded, very cheerful, kind. I'm active, love sport and nature, with good sense of humor and style. I have hobby hairdressing and painting.
I want to find right man and create big happy family.

Looking For
I dream that I am with my man will love and support each other in any situation, will travel together, will learn new things.I want to enjoy my life, to share my little world with my beloved.
I want to show him my love and make him happy. I have a lot of dreams and ideas for the future, but only with my future man I will be able to achieve all of them. Because without love you can't feel happiness.
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