Dating Affiliate Programs FAQ

May I apply for all 3 affiliate programs at the same time?

- Yes, of course! Moreover, if you have different traffic sources we strongly recommend you to try different traffic on different affiliate programs to see how it returned for you.

I’m newbie in promoting dating offers, Am I eligible for applying to affiliate programs?

- Sure, we are accepting newbie. Some of them became really good partners and giving us excellent traffic.

How do I get my money?

- Your may request payment when balance hit $300. Give us payment query through our contact form. Payments are paid via Paypal, Webmoney and bank wire. (Bank wire payment is available when you balance hit $1000. Transfer fee is $30)

What if I experience technical issues or need your advice. Will you help?

- Of course! Contact our affiliate support and we will solve any issue or give you advice.