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Greetings to Miss January!
Ekaterina, from Saint Petersburg, Russia, 28 years old

Hi! I am thankful for the chance to uncover more sides of my personality and to describe my expectations of internet dating. I believe in power of dreams, and I have a very specific approach to it - each dream (or almost each dream) for me is the aim to be achieved. I can fairly say that I am a hard worker (I dislike the word «perfectionist») in every sphere of my life, and my conviction is that none of the good things ever comes with no effort. My biggest goal is being happy so that I could share this feeling and could make something good for those who I meet in my life. I better do what I can do today (no matter how little my help is) than regret that I cannot do something big.

I truly believe that all the limits and boundaries are set inside of our mind and once we change our attitude - we move forward. This is one of the reasons I am looking for my soulmate somewhere out of my native country. The other reason is my inborn curiosity to the traditions and way of living that people have in other parts of the world. Also, I want my marriage to be the unique thing starting from the way we found each other finishing by the way we chose the names for our children. :-)) I am sure, they are going to take the best sides from me and my future husband!

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