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Hello everybody!
I'm Lily, I'm on this site to find a real relationship, a man with whom I can feel comfortable and never worry if I did something wrong. If we are in love, we do not see shortcomings in our partner - we accept him the way he is and it is a formula of harmonious relations. When we think about our partner, whether he has a good job, whether he is good enough, whether he cooks well, then we do not see the person completely, but we are looking for something wrong in order to find the reason not to be together. Even I have done this before, but having abandoned my fear of falling in love and opening my heart, I am ready to accept a person as he is!
My main priorities are to live by the moment, enjoy what the world gives us. Without thinking about tomorrow, it helps me to feel that every day is important, every day I can do a lot and learn today, find my love today! It fascinates me and gives me strength to wake up every day.
I appreciate freedom the most - this is what we were born with, each of us was born free to choose his fate, beloved, a place to live! Of course, I have great respect for the personal freedom of my future partner, I'm sure that everyone should have his own little world, such as a hobby, work, friends. And returning home we can find each other in our world, which will be only for the two of us!
Creativity is something that makes me move, I tried different professions, but I always returned to creativity and art, I can do my work anywhere in the world, photographing the most magnificent things that inspire me! It is inspiration that makes a person active at any age. By finding a case that inspires you, never give up!
At the end of my blog, I want to say that I am searching for the most simple and popular things here - sincerity, respect and positive! But I can also give a lot, because I'm very active, I know what it means to love and I can support.
Now you know about me
Best regards
on 18 Aug 2018
on 17 Aug 2018
I ask you to find some truth in the saying: 'Never judge a book by its cover' [More]
on 17 Aug 2018
She was really beautiful. She had very plump lips and very long legs. I thought she was probably a model. But then she complimented me and made me not a modest playful proposal. I was in shock................................... [More]
on 15 Aug 2018
We are happy to introduce аa happy story about Anna and Armin from Germany. They had no fears about age difference.
We are happy to be a part of it. Two lonely people found each other and work on their relations right now, to be happy.
So we advise you to act and do not wait!
on 14 Aug 2018
So, I want to disclose to you a little secret. For a woman, men's hands are very erotic, especially when they know what they are doing ... They contain all the power of men's potential, they contribute to the solution of many malfunctions in everyday life and with the same success of malfunctions with the female body ... [More]
on 12 Aug 2018
What is love between a man and a woman and how to recognize true love [More]
on 12 Aug 2018
Hi! is it hard to know person and make friends with her who is overseas? Lets try! I work shifts in the bet club. It may sound a nonsence but lots of people [More]
on 11 Aug 2018
We study to work and then work to alive. Its truth of this life and no one can change it, but we can change our way of thinking and enjoy each minute what we have.
on 10 Aug 2018
As I say: my thoughts about the theme of love. [More]
on 10 Aug 2018
Hi, how often have you heard such phrase as: “Lets stay friends”? Interesting to know how people understand this phrase. I will write how I understand it. [More]
on 10 Aug 2018
I am just thinking about how different we are: men and women and so I want to write some lines about that. [More]
on 10 Aug 2018
A story about why a man from the Internet [More]
on 08 Aug 2018
Do you know there are nothing ideal in our world? Ideal match? No! Only hard work together!
on 08 Aug 2018
Interesting, how many times your woman should ask for love. [More]
on 07 Aug 2018
Every person comes to the point when you stop and think about life. [More]
on 06 Aug 2018
I will tell you a little secret.
Wishes come true only when they exist.
on 06 Aug 2018
If you want to find REAL man,then first you need to becoem REAL woman! [More]
on 05 Aug 2018
Happiness is gratitude and movement. I do not believe that it's possible to become happy by lounging on the couch in an embrace with a box of éclairs. [More]
on 05 Aug 2018
Today I want to try to answer you, dear men, one, often asked by you question: "Why did she tell me - NO?" Of course, all the nuances - do not take into account, but most of the reasons can be called ... [More]
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