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Hello! I am Tatiana. And I want to be a happy woman, it is the main thing that I want to tell about myself! You will ask what does it mean for me. So here is an answer.

Happy women do not revolt. Happy people are not competing with anyone. As already all is perfect. Moreover, it is hard to annoy happy woman. Peace and inner peace is a state that is not dependent on external conditions.

But really all that happens in life only when you become a Woman. In female energy is not necessary a lot of effort, everything happens by itself. Because of your gentleness and quiet confidence attract an incredibly brave, generous and confident men. Such is life. It's all about the reflection. And everything in fact. Don't like people around, look at yourself. Changing yourself changes everything around. That’s how I see my future life! I want to be tender woman for my brave man!

Women's nature is to be a Wife. Women's nature is to be a Mother. Women's nature is about warmth, home, peace, harmony and beauty around. But nowadays woman try to be free, try to win something, try to prove something. But to whom and for what? To reach high goals is really exciting but does it worth is?

There are many interesting things about me and I can share them, but that was the main fact about me.
I am Tatiana and I want to be a happy woman
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