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Dear readers,

Thank you so much for reading my blog and for attantion to me.I think it is so much important to share own ideas about love and life.We are all here to find soulmate,find love and romance,we all on the wonderful intriguing way of search.And I am sure that each of us will be able to find real friends and true clear love.Once,a somebody famous said that Real Love doesn't permit any stagnation,or boarders or constraints,so I am sure we all be lucky to find it.

I have joined this site with hope to meet serious,responsiable,family oriented man who will share my life interests and we will gain life goals together.I am woman in my 30s,I am still very young in my soul and at the same time wise in mind.I am very much old fashined and I do trust in deep moral values.I need the man who will love me for my good,kind,easy-going character,for my loyality and ability to forgive.I am very simple and very complicated person at the same time.I believe in friendship and understanding,romance and passion,but at the same time I am very ambitiouse and always try to get what I want.And my main goal now is to find future husband,build strong relationship,to love and to be loved.I am ready to devote myself to my man,ready to be good loving partner and true friend.I am ready to open my heart and my love to kind,polite,romantic man who is ready for new life step.I will cook tasty dishes and care for my beloved and what is the main-I will be able always to understand,supprt and accept.Life is so wonderful!Mornings are so much amazing) Confessions in love can be so much sweet and romantic!) Let's find each other and will enjoy each new day of our LOVE!)

Dear Ladies,my special thanks to all you for reading my blog!I am proud that I am Ukrainian!I am proud that I am Slavic woman!)Our women are really beautiful! Wish you all great luck and to find real true feelings)

Thank you for everyone again)
on 22 Jun 2018
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on 17 Jun 2018
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on 17 Jun 2018
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on 12 Jun 2018
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