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Greetings to Miss March!
Kristina , 23 years old
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Hello dear readers,
First of all I want to thank everyone for reading my blog and accepting my opinion about marriage and relationship. I have come here on this site with strong wish to find my soulmate and beloved man.I want to have not only good relationship based on love,trust and romance,but I dream to marry and to have a family.Maybe I am a little bit old fashioned,but I believe in marriage and I want to believe that wedding is the very start of real true happiness. I am sure that I will find my future husband here.There are so many wonderful men here on this site! I am sure that we will be able to show each other that we both are serious and ready for such important step in life like building own family.The value of the family and relationship within the family is determined by love, trust, mutual understanding. And it does not matter how old you are, twenty or seventy, the main thing is the internal willingness to love and be loved. I wish everyone to find the very right life partner,real second half and enjoy a wonderful journey called life together!
Love and Romance to everyone!)

If I had a man we would spend our leisure time so ...
id: 41169
28 Mar 2020
how do you want your beloved to go around the apartment?
id: 42168
28 Mar 2020
If we want a change in life, we need to start with ourselves
id: 42728
28 Mar 2020
Can a person be alone but not feel lonely? You will receive the answer in my blog!
id: 38609
27 Mar 2020
The world is not hostile to us and not unfair, but we have only as much as we deserve.
id: 29334
27 Mar 2020
Imagine what would happen if we could do everything in life only once?
id: 38444
26 Mar 2020
To win, it is not necessary to move forward only: sometimes you need to stop lie low down and wait.
id: 42454
26 Mar 2020
Looking for your person and light up your spark!
id: 42275
25 Mar 2020
Romance is a combination of factors, such as ideas, feelings, emotions. All these factors create an emotional, sublime feeling.
id: 31314
25 Mar 2020
A dream is a certain feeling, a desire for something specific, for which a person is ready to take action in order to achieve it! Without a dream, it is not interesting to live.
id: 30791
25 Mar 2020
Post about how to behave correctly in a situation that has occurred and effectively conduct a quarantine
id: 42411
25 Mar 2020
by Dior
by Dior
id: 42410
25 Mar 2020
We all need to think about how we live
id: 41823
25 Mar 2020
Who is the perfect woman? Am I right in my conjectures?
id: 40779
24 Mar 2020
First date at McDonalds?! In no case!
id: 41542
24 Mar 2020
Post about women!
id: 38502
23 Mar 2020
It will change us, it will change our lifes, it will change world!
id: 41480
23 Mar 2020
Apparently, everyone who is not lazy has already written about the coronavirus. But I also want to share my thoughts .. ⠀
id: 40630
23 Mar 2020
children is all that should be important
id: 39950
23 Mar 2020
Love for all ages. Love is not about money. And there is evidence for this.
id: 39904
23 Mar 2020
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