Greetings to Miss February - Alla from Odessa, Ukraine, 28 years old
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I always wanted to be the best in every way! I think the excitement of the championship came at me since my childhood, when I started to play sports. In sports the best part is winning . Those who work more, who are patient, those who are trying to improve and aren`t satisfied with average results. It is the only way to become a champion. .. Later, it was reflected in my future life! I put my heart into everything I do. If I'm cooking dinner - it must be the most delicious meal you ever had). I try to make progress on my work every day ,to become better and more successful than yesterday. My friends should receive maximum support and confidence from me, of course I try to be the best friend. When I have a family, I dream about for so long - I will try doing everything to be the best wife and the best mother. Not perfect, not a fairy woman with perfect hair in the kitchen that bakes cookies and smiles all the time). But a loving, caring and wife who is ready to go any length for my man and children , i wish that they always are proud of me)! Ballet - my great weakness and my main hobby. .. But I would like that that my futur husband will be a person with whom I could share the joys of each day ... to grow, develop, reach together the finish line and became the champions).

What love means to me ... Love is not just a romantic date and passion to the person ... For me - it is a great driving force that helps people become better, to show their best qualities . Love - it is something that helps us to see in us something new that is hidden in the depths of our hearts and are waiting just for that special person, we've been waiting for so long ... Wish to everybody to find love and to spend with her or him not only Valentine`s Day, but every day like holiday)
on 23 Feb 2017
on 20 Feb 2017
Quiet February evening... And you know what make girls like me, at this time? No, probably you do not know... ;) Okay, joke-joke! This is an excellent time in order to make a little weekend and movie marathon. [More]
on 20 Feb 2017
Ah! Winter, winter, winter ....
I strongly want heat and sunny mood))
And, to be honest, I want a vacation! [More]
on 20 Feb 2017
It is not a secret that our life is very diverse and whole of our world is incredibly amazing! Methinks that it is necessary to give a chance to the universe to show us our entire width of the opportunities. In our time everyone have this opportunity to meet their partner even if thousands of kilometers separate you. [More]
on 19 Feb 2017
Comfortable room, light fixture, a hot cup of tea, a comfortable chair and a whole world in a single device is in the front of me. I love weekends, especially evening, when you can just sit and listen to relaxing music, close your eyes and imagine what is waiting for me to come. Despite the past, remembering the disappointment and sadness that I went through, I do not feel defeated and depressed, but on the contrary, I can say that I'm happy. I have to admit that somewhere in the depths of my soul, I am grateful to life, that such sad experience was in my life. He made me who I am today!. No, I have not lost the ability to love and trust, but I realized that love without respect does not make sense, and trust must be mutual. [More]
on 19 Feb 2017
Romance and weather… Is it connected? Or a little story about Poltava’s Winterfell [More]
on 19 Feb 2017
You know what a real man should do for his life?
I do not know in your country have such a thing or not))
But here considered that are real man should do 3 things)) [More]
on 18 Feb 2017
If you want to have a perfect love then create it by yourself! Don’t wait when it will find you! [More]
on 17 Feb 2017
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