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My heart can’t take this. Want to write here about my bad luck in this cruel society! All the time I was a good girl for my family and friends, I had only excellent marks at school and university, then I found a good job with perspective career. Don't drink and smoke, always positive and good looking, people around were so happy with me all the time. But from latest time I became the object of rumors and talks. "She doesn't have a man, no family, may be something is wrong with her?" Why people are so cruel?

We need to forget about judgements from society. It’s your life and you decide who to be with and who to share it with. You only have one life so don’t let others decide what makes you happy. If you decide to be single for now or happy married it’s your decision, not anyone else’s. What people say or think is just that, their little thoughts in their small limited world of judgements.

I have a big heart, good brains, work, but don't have man who hug me with love and tenderness near, this is why I came here! Not to show the society that I have a man, but to be happy in love!!

on 28 Jun 2017
I have decided to open my heart to the world and tell about my dreams! [More]
on 28 Jun 2017
This blog is about a woman of the 21st century and the reasons for her loneliness. Every strong and independent woman dreams to be weak next to her beloved man. [More]
on 27 Jun 2017
I'm fond of photography. Once in the evening I went to shoot the sunset. Photos have turned out quite good. . After snapping a little, I sat down on the bench to look at the photos and read the blog. It was already after 8 pm, it was rapidly darkening, and it was cold outside. On the next bench sat a guy and a girl. And there was such a conversation between them: ....... [More]
on 27 Jun 2017
I am writing about why young girls choose older men.
In any case, the recent relationship with an older man is no surprise, and it's not even uncommon, but rather the trend! [More]
on 26 Jun 2017
Yes! Please! let me start with it and come right to the question. It is Urgent! A close person of me needs me and maybe you!!! And i cant be silent about this! PLEASE-PLEASE! [More]
on 26 Jun 2017
Hello everyone! I want to share with you my thoughts, in the hope of finding an interesting interlocutor.
I want to discuss with you the topic of seeking ideals. For everyone, the image of an ideal woman / ideal man is definitely personal. [More]
on 26 Jun 2017
Hello everyone! i hope that some one will take his eye on my writing. and who knows maybe oneme too! As i am open to conversations. Recently sitting in the cafe and drink tea on my lunch time i started to think about some simple things. Such is what a beauty is? I could not reply this question myself. But i very wanted to get a few answers. How do you think what is Beauty! it definitely means different for different people. What is it for you? I am very very curious. I looked around myself and this is what i saw... [More]
on 26 Jun 2017
When we see a handsome man in front of us, we invariably ask ourselves: "What do you want?". That is, what should be the ideal woman, that the man was ready to create a new cell of society and become the head of the family? [More]
on 24 Jun 2017
on 21 Jun 2017
Everybody knows, that boys are big fans of morning sex, but not all the girls can share their enthusiasm. I decided to weigh all the pros and cons of it . [More]
on 21 Jun 2017
This blog is about women who forgot about their destiny and lost respect for men [More]
on 21 Jun 2017
The other day in my house in one of the apartments almost a fire started. It was late in the evening and in one of the apartments on the ground floor a woman fell asleep with a cigarette in her bed, another fact, she was a little drunk. [More]
on 20 Jun 2017
I want to talk about how sometimes it is not easy for women ... [More]
on 20 Jun 2017
Today my post is for everyone to discuss. Let’s talk over the following situation: a young man wants a girl, yes, he wants to make love to her – it’s a common situation nowadays. [More]
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