Greetings to Miss March - Lyudmila from Kramatorsk, Ukraine, 31 years old
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Treat people the way you want them to treat you ... That's, that moves me all my life ... and indeed I am very open and caring person.

I love everything that surrounds me, I love life and people, I like to help them, to talk, to do things, from which people have great mood, and sadness is replaced by a smile.

Someone might say that this is impossible, but I'm a very versatile person. I am very well versed in many areas of this miscellaneous life. I'm a great housewife, a cook, an excellent employee at work, respected by colleagues. I have a great physical form, professionally fond by pylon, great dancer, love the active life, adventure, travel, skydiving, scuba diving. And I'm a good mother. I am proud of my son, who is my best friend.

At this period of my life, I am in search of the most beautiful feelings that I can not wait to experience - it's love. I look forward to this inner warmth, tranquility and waterfall of emotions. I really want to have a confident man close to me who wants to love as much as I do, and never give up before the upcoming difficulties.

I would like to note that in a relationship, I consider myself a woman scout. "Be Ready!" - This is what I tell myself every morning. I deliberately do deeds. I am ready to perform my duties and responsibilities by my mind and body, I'm the kind of person you can rely on in difficult times, the woman who never go through the open door. But I also want to feel the attention, care and love of my future partner. In such perfect union, people can achieve a lot together. I've started my way already, Join to me in this travel and Let' make our future!
on 29 Mar 2017
If you want to find the lady who speaks your language, is not speak you should search her at your country!!!!! [More]
on 28 Mar 2017
We all mature people here so the topic of intimacy must be natural when it comes to communication between man and woman online.
How would you learn the sexuality of your future partner online? [More]
on 28 Mar 2017
Online dating is almost the same as real dating, categories but gives more options.
But just as in life here you can meet so many different people to discover and learn!
I know dividing categories is not very polite thing, but sometimes it could be useful and interesting) [More]
on 27 Mar 2017
Have you ever heard about experiments with Pavlov dogs? Anytime
you may read more about it in internet , but I'll open just the main sense ...So, this scientist discovered such phenomenon like conditioned reflexes with a help of dog...And before this day, I don't even know that there are sexual conditioned reflexes, and some people( especially sneaky women) use them very very skilfully. [More]
on 22 Mar 2017
I have thought a lot about relationship and what does love mean now for us? What all this sites do mean for us? [More]
on 22 Mar 2017
Just a step to make and I will not believe in real men! In men with manners, in men with a big heart… [More]
on 22 Mar 2017
You know that now in Ukraine and Russia economy is bad. And that means many people, including single women can only dream about wealthy life or at least life without debts. [More]
on 17 Mar 2017
How to start the search right?I think most of the members got frustrated about this question,so am i.. [More]
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