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Lady of the month
Greetings to Miss January!
Anna , 36 years old
Profile: 11101 Anna
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Many people around are just in a constant fighting, running somewhere, rushing every now and there.... All this hustle and bustle excites their mind and they don't know where to stop at. They live like this all their lives.
But I am here saying - NO worries, it's time to have a short look at your past, set your mind on your present, and to set the goals for a future.
Don't forget we are here for happiness, caring and self-indulge!
I've never suffered from anxiety, never rushed. I live in a constant ray of light in my life. I know this shine can be deflected, thus multiplified, when a man loves a woman for real.
For me a love is like a fireplace, burning when you put some coals in it. I am ready to give passion, romantic mood, and coziness. What can be better than these warm moments spent together? Nothing may interchange this. Maybe you are like me - and you are ready to stop for a moment and enjoy what destiny prepared?

A woman has weak qualities, a man has strong qualities. But unfortunately, today both sexes go against nature, a woman can work hard, and a man can wait at home...
id: 29334
26 Jan 2020
A happy relationship is a happy man, a happy woman, and happy children !!! This is mutual understanding and trust.
id: 40768
26 Jan 2020
My thoughts about Slavic girls. Why Slavic women on this site in fact.
id: 41790
25 Jan 2020
Let’s listen to our heart and desires! No time for wasting...Right?
by RU
id: 42037
25 Jan 2020
I found that men like women after 40+ years old
id: 41619
25 Jan 2020
Just open this post, and you will see!
id: 39923
24 Jan 2020
Or words before Valentine's day.
id: 40420
24 Jan 2020
always urgent
id: 40003
24 Jan 2020
what is better?
id: 37031
24 Jan 2020
id: 25166
24 Jan 2020
... The best cure for all problems is the hug of a loved one. You can be depressed, upset, broken into a thousand pieces ... But as soon as your loved one hugs you
id: 40630
23 Jan 2020
Today I want to discuss a question that comes to mind of any person who wants to build something serious. Let's start!
id: 37622
23 Jan 2020
The luck seems to be on your side, if you fall in love with a person from another country
id: 39904
23 Jan 2020
Traveling changes you physically and psychologically. Even if you have a full-time job and a family, you can still travel on the weekends or holidays. Here are some of the main benefits of traveling. And I'm sure that once you get started, you'll find some more yourself!
id: 41457
23 Jan 2020
id: 41863
22 Jan 2020
I used to always say that whatever I do, first of all, it is necessary for me!
id: 41480
22 Jan 2020
I became a victim of some boor. I pushed him away, and he was rude to me after that and said a lot of bad words to me. I was in shock and didn't know what to do...
id: 41823
22 Jan 2020
And it was AMAZING!!!!
id: 12205
22 Jan 2020
They say that life is about opportunities and chances and I believe it is really so.
id: 41022
22 Jan 2020
Who built pyramids? What was the secret of Atlantis? What things hid ancient Incas? That’s questions partners should try to find the answer!
id: 36063
21 Jan 2020
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