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Marina , 33 years old
Profile: 39149 Marina
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I suppose that here there are a lot of men who pays attention only in my out beauty. But I strongly believe that I will find here the person who will appreciate firstly my inner beauty.
I am kind positive and sociable girl, I love animals, beautiful nature and travel) I attend gym and fitness classes. When I’m on vacation - I really like doing fitness exercises outdoors, pilates, yoga. So sport means a lot for me. And now I want be honest with you, my last relationship was not so good, my previous boyfriend cheated me, and he dated with another girl at the same time. I can’t stand lies in relationship, so I suppose people should say only truth. And how do you think? Do you agree with me??
As you understand my heart was broken and now I try to find a person who will support me like a tender flower and defend me like a little girl. You know I can be a tender and a passionate. Strong and weak. But I really want to meet a person who will protect me . And I will give all of my love to this person as much as I only can.
Are you ready to to take my heart in your hand ?? And fulfill with love in my heart???
Sincerely , Marina!

24 Jan 2019

Online Dating Pros and Cons: The Secrets to Successful Internet Dating

Pros and cons of online dating

Do you want to know what the online dating pros and cons are? The digital age hasn’t only changed our lifestyles; it also changed the way we’re searching for love.

Social media, Snapchat, and dating sites and apps are integral parts of our daily lives. Singles worldwide decide to embrace technology and change their dating game. Luckily, online dating lost much of its stigma, and having signed up to an online dating site at least once in your lifetime is slowly turning into the norm rather than an exception.

Like anything though, online dating comes with advantages and drawbacks. Weigh them in before creating yourself a profile.

1. Choices

The Good: One of the core benefits of online dating is undeniably the wide number of choices. Dating platforms have thousands of users on average, so the chances of finding a compatible match are high.

The Bad: First-time online daters are usually overwhelmed by the number of possible partners. Unless you know exactly what you want, you might never be able to score a date.

2. Matching

The Good: Trying to assist you and trim out choices, online dating services developed matching algorithms based on questionnaires designed to match you with those with similar interests. Connecting with compatible people will definitely improve your experience, giving you reasons to go on a real date.

The Bad: These algorithms are not always accurate, and they can trim out some potentially good partners. Even more, for the same reason, they could match you with completely incompatible partners.

3. Communication

The Good: Among the greatest pros of online dating is enhanced intercommunication. Studies have shown people feel safer and lose their inhibitions when communicating online. Whether you’re shy or suffer from anxiety, dating websites will help you unleash your true self and communicate freely. Chatting online comes with additional benefits too. You’ll be able to trial potential partners before deciding to meet someone in real life without any risks.

The Bad: Device-mediated communication hinders some personality attributes you would otherwise notice when talking to someone face to face. It is more difficult to assess someone’s true personality without direct interaction, and it’s also harder to feel true attraction.

4. Distances

The Good: If you’re contemplating a long-distance relationship, then Internet dating is undoubtedly for you. Sign up to dating sites specialized in international romance, and you can encounter potential partners worldwide.

The Bad: Using international dating websites could result in a negative experience if you’re not ready to embrace cultural and social differences.

5. Safety

The Good: Internet dating tools help you keep your identity hidden until you’re fully convinced of dating someone. Chat and video chat rooms, anonymous phone calls, and anonymous email addresses are just some of the tools designed to keep you safe. Moreover, most sites also give comprehensive tips to staying safe when encountering your match in the real world for the first time.

The Bad: Those militating against these services claim lack of safety and security are major cons of online dating. You could spend time chatting and building trust in a scammer or criminal. Yet, this could happen in real life too. Who can guarantee that stranger at the bar is not a scammer or a criminal?

6. Time

The Good: Between frenetic rhythms, long working hours, and social commitments, it’s sometimes hard to find the time to look for a partner. Internet dating is available 24/7 though. You can log into your dating app at any time and find someone eager to talk or even go out for a drink.

The Bad: A problem with online dating is believing you have sufficient time to find a partner. But this could actually make you lose time looking instead of deciding to really date someone.

7. Accessibility

The Good: Among the many online dating pros and cons, a clear pro is its accessibility. Searching for a partner on the Internet is not only great for those who lead busy lifestyles. Finding love online brings benefits to introverts, shy, or anxious people too. You won’t have to leave your comfort zone to meet someone new until you feel comfortable enough.

The Bad: It could seem funny, but accessibility is also one of the online dating negatives. The feeling of safety and comfort a monitor gives could turn you into a pen pal rather than a potential partner if you don’t overcome your fears and agree to go out for a drink.

Final Thoughts

When weighing in advantages and disadvantages of online dating, remember dating services are an unavoidable part of the modern era. Many happy couples have met online, either on a dating platform or social media channel.

As for Russian online dating, it also has its ups and downs. Yet, it’s almost impossible to neglect the endless benefits it brings to people looking for love on Russian dating platforms.

Dating someone online is undoubtedly safer than meeting strangers in a bar; it’s convenient, comfortable, and accessible to everyone.

Then, with many platforms offering free trials and various membership plans, our advice is to give it a try. It costs nothing, and you’ll know for sure if online dating is for you.