on 06 Sep 2018
Feel awkward saying you date online? Don’t. These statistics show plenty of people now meet online, and their relationships work. Find out more at Find-Bride.com
on 06 Sep 2018
With so many online dating sites out there, not all will be genuine. We look at how to avoid scams and find legitimate love online. Find out more on Find-Bride.com [More]
on 19 Jan 2017
I have never thought that a relationship can survive through so many differences, the most obvious one - it is age.
Here's where I changed my mind after speaking to different people.
We get what we deserve
on 07 Jan 2017
We so often want something, we put all efforts on searching of the very happiness, and then wonder why our happiness in reality is a misfortune or happiness, but not our`s. [More]
on 17 Nov 2016
Аlmost a third of women looking for men are ladies over 40 years old. This is the reason marriage agency get asked how to meet a man over 40 years old or how to find a man over 50. It is possible to get married even after you are 60 years old. [More]
on 12 Dec 2013
As well as life without microwave, washing machine and TV is stone age nowadays, finding your love match in crazy rhythm of life requires for some modern help. [More]
on 12 Dec 2013
We are glad to inform you that find-bride.com is offering to all clients the mobile-friendly version which is really easy and comfortable to use!.. [More]
on 12 Dec 2013
Beauty_Cutie_Iren (Irina, Donetsk): My dear friends, welcome to the world of love and happiness.
It is better to fly in life ..... than at the end. Love gives for us wings!
Relationship between two people is fine. Feelings that they feel not pass words. Love – it is something strange, nice. Let the that for us was such a strange and pleasant stay with us. Let the this feeling of love does not leave us, lives with us, inside us. A sense of passion, the sea of emotions overflowed the soul!.. [More]
on 12 Dec 2013
Hello again dear Gentlemen! You will find that many of Ukraine traditions are the same like in your native country. Some of them will look incomprehensible or irrational. They are not "good" or "bad". They just are different being born by another culture. Let's try to understand their nature. [More]
on 12 Dec 2013

As we grow and become more mature, we look for long-term relation in our life. And at first we look for compatibility. We long for someone who can understand us, support us in difficult situations, who can make us feel special and with whom we can be just ourselves without wearing masks. This computability can be found not only with a person your age but also with a person who much older (younger) than you. [More]
Bonne appetite:)))
by GoodGirl
on 12 Dec 2013
Hi guys! Let's cook today! Ukrainian cuisine is very much a part of the population's culture, lifestyle and customs. Well-known for its great diversity and amazing flavors, Ukrainian cuisine has had a number of influences including Russian, Polish, German and Turkish. Popular ingredients in the cuisine of Ukraine are meat, mushrooms, vegetables, berries, fruit and herbs. As Ukrainians are extremely hospitable their meals are served in very generous quantities... [More]
on 12 Dec 2013
The most terrifying feeling we have got when we are single is to be alone. It is really painful when you are out and you see happy couples everywhere just enjoying each other in the meantime you are still single and lonely. [More]
on 12 Dec 2013
In childhood, we were taught how bad it is to be selfish. We like to condemn those who say “I love myself,” “I exist only for myself,” “I can buy everything for me just to feel good.” But what is there so bad, if we spoil ourselves a little? According to the psychologist’s opinion – lack of love for ourselves often is the main reason for the things that in life do not go as we wished... [More]
on 12 Dec 2013
Dear friends,
Any Western man that’s ever tried to have success on the International online dating scene has been asked to make a dating profile at some point. This profile is kind of like your dating resume; you need to have something eye-catching that lets Ukrainian and Russian women for marriage know that you are worth not just a casual perusal but that you should be read and then contacted. Of course it might seem like magic, but as with any other sort of dating you can achieve success if you pay attention to the details. [More]
on 12 Dec 2013
Dear Friends,
It may be true that women of certain nationalities share unique personality traits. Certainly, we Ukrainian women are known for adoring our families, liking to look as beautiful as we can and appreciating men who know how to appreciate us. Unlike the hot-tempered, perhaps overly melodramatic Italian ladies, we know how to channel our passion into more appropriate avenues... [More]
on 12 Dec 2013
In the west, women are generally shown appreciation from their boyfriend or husband on Valentine’s Day, or by their children and husband during Mother’s Day. These are great holidays, but in the Ukraine, we have a holiday that’s like both of those holidays all rolled into one. It’s on the 8th of March. International Women’s Day. [More]
on 12 Dec 2013
Do you want to plan a memorable dinner with me ?? Here are 13 romantic dinner date ideas for us that are easy and a lot of fun.
Dinner dates are a big part of romance and love. [More]
Relationships at a distance
by _Lilu_Sweettie_
on 12 Dec 2013
by Angelina_Jolie
on 12 Dec 2013

A good relationship for me can’t just be found.

It has to be created.

Our lives revolve around love, be it with friends, family or lovers.

We need love in our lives to feel better and live happier.
on 15 Nov 2011
Sine today you may post YOUR OWN messages in our blogs!.. [More]
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