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Lady of the month
Greetings to Miss April!
Alina , 27 years old
Profile: 39904 Alina
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It is a great honor to become the lady of the month! This blog helps people to show their writing skills and create the space for wisdom. I really like to write articles, texts, poems and reviews. My professional mission in life is to be a writer, editor and translator. This is an incredible opportunity to reveal my potential and show my imaginative soul. My heart wanted to be creative from early childhood: drawing classes, playing the piano, singing in the choir, baking pies and embroidery. Due to the fact that I am always busy with interesting things, I do not have time for sadness and resentment! Life is given for joy, experience, adventure and love. I love traveling and discovering new cultures. It is so wonderful that all people are different, but we want the same things: care, affection, attention. This is unbelievable! I have been to many countries and continents, tried life in several places, learned two foreign languages. I will definitely go to the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia! The world is full of bright colors, and it's time to put them on the canvas of my life. Traveling, snowboarding, romantic music, documentaries, cooking, theaters, cinema, fishing, martial arts fill my life with happiness. Nice and friendly people are also a source of inspiration and joy. My dream is to be in harmony with myself, the world and my future husband. I do not like quarrels, screams, lies and irresponsibility. Life is too short for negative stuff. I appreciate sincerity, smart mind, good sense of humor and creative personality. Happiness is in the little things: in the bright sun, funny joke, blossoming dandelion or takeouts on the sofa. I spend a lot of time online, so try to catch me on the site! Welcome to my world!

If you want to know what modern Russian cuisine is, follow me, can I make you happy and well-fed? I will tell you about this and maybe teach you how to cook the simplest and most common Russian dishes.
id: 38578
02 Apr 2020
Is it important for a couple in love to officially relations? or is it possible to live without a stamp in passport all life?
id: 42844
02 Apr 2020
For me, this is a special question and a special topic) Probably everyone believes that he is unintentionally responsible! But is it?
id: 38444
02 Apr 2020
I am impressionable and can be with this during long time) Especially in the case of books and movies.
id: 40630
02 Apr 2020
This blog is about whether it is possible to understand a woman)))
id: 18612
02 Apr 2020
I questioned myself what this virus is about and I came to a conclusion that it is about LOVE. It is about Love to Our planet Earth, animals, human beings and of course those who surround us - parents, fathers and grandfathers, friends. When we lost that all we started appreciate little things we had in life. The ability to go out of our apartment freely, walk with our dog, play with children (who has them) on playgrounds, enter shops without being scared to get sick, hug and kiss our friends when we meet them, in the end, right?!!!!
id: 38465
02 Apr 2020
Blog about how self-isolation affects the perception of the world and the place of love in life
id: 42411
01 Apr 2020
Like any respiratory virus - by airborne droplets with close contact or through physical contact. In addition, coronavirus can be picked up from a solid surface, for example, door handles or handrails in vehicles. On such surfaces, the virus survives for two days or even longer.
id: 41489
01 Apr 2020
now is the time for self-development
id: 41823
01 Apr 2020
I dream of a noble, intelligent, strong and confident person with a passion for life, a true man and gentleman, gentle and caring, who will hold me and carry me in his arms. In a person, the main thing is the personality.
id: 42097
31 Mar 2020
You go the other way home today, something interesting may happen, or there will be a new adventure for you, or a miracle will happen.
id: 42719
31 Mar 2020
Every negative thing has its advantages, even if they are not clear from the very beginning.
id: 42180
30 Mar 2020
I would really like to have another title for my diary but the life situation everyone on the planet is exposed to is dictating its own rules.
id: 42474
30 Mar 2020
Life gives us many possibilities to choose something. Will a choice you make be good? That’s a question you ask yourself often. I am sure it will be good and I will tell you why.
id: 39722
30 Mar 2020
Woman must be beautiful every time and everywhere!
id: 41638
29 Mar 2020
Is it important for a woman to cook for his man?
id: 32284
29 Mar 2020
Love which overcame all obstacles. Love which never dies. This is an immortal love I want to tell you about.
id: 36627
28 Mar 2020
I don’t feel like saying this, but we better not see each other yet
id: 37861
28 Mar 2020
If I had a man we would spend our leisure time so ...
id: 41169
28 Mar 2020
how do you want your beloved to go around the apartment?
id: 42168
28 Mar 2020
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