on 21 Sep 2018
Today i read the titles of the blogs here and understood that it is a great option! So, today i also want to share my thoughts.
on 20 Sep 2018
I never admitted to myself even what I want now to shout at the whole universe ... And my blog is a revelation of a woman who decided to change her life forever. [More]
on 20 Sep 2018
Marriage is a gift for your relations. [More]
on 18 Sep 2018
Fasting on a topic of a big choice for men and women. And about leadership between a man and a woman in a relationship. A little humor [More]
on 17 Sep 2018
How often do you think or things? How often do you imagine your second half next to you? [More]
on 12 Sep 2018
Hello, readers!
what if you find a woman that you like? should you continue to look around for maybe "better" sample and keep her time by promisses of happy life and marriage??
on 11 Sep 2018
I think that all our life its fight with yourself, so for being happy we just need understand who we are and what we want from this life. [More]
on 11 Sep 2018
The road of a woman. I have repeatedly heard that many men think that being a woman is much easier then to be a man [More]
on 11 Sep 2018
Is it a brave step to declare love? [More]
on 10 Sep 2018
When passion floods us like a wave covers surfer in Tahiti - do we really think about what will happen to us tomorrow and what economic situation in the country at the moment?) We certainly live in an age of technology, practicality, calculus ... Many even practice love on schedule and choose a partner for the lunar calendar or convenience ... [More]
on 09 Sep 2018
Why I am looking for a man online? Why Ukrainian ladies need a foreigner? [More]
on 07 Sep 2018
This post is about our search and how to make it easier, when we are separated by oceans. They say it is not difficult to love, but it is very difficult to find it. Let’s find it out! [More]
on 07 Sep 2018
Post on the possibilities of our modern world. About the fact that the Internet makes our life easier. About the fact that we can meet our love anywhere in the world. And about the fact that everything depends on people. The main thing is to be sincere even behind the computer screen. [More]
on 06 Sep 2018
I welcome you in my fairy tale! Come in, I’ll tell you something! [More]
on 05 Sep 2018
Have you ever had dream which was not real? As for me I always dream to save our world from poverty and unhappiness. That is why I became a doctor. People are happier when they are healthy. [More]
on 04 Sep 2018
Finding love is never easy - or so it seems when you are single... [More]
on 01 Sep 2018
Please, change my mind and make me find bright and positive feelings here .... [More]
on 01 Sep 2018
..wish you to find your “half of an...
....How can a person be sure that there is another half of him?? and what if ....
..I am entire woman. No pieces missing, but ...♡ [More]
on 30 Aug 2018
Hello, dear reader! I hope you're having a wonderful day! [More]
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