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Greetings to Miss February!
Daria , 26 years old
Profile: 38578 Daria
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Important in all respects is attention. Attention may vary. Some of us require more attention, some less. Someone requires gifts, someone gentle kisses and pleasant words. But I am most pleased to receive reciprocity from any attention I have given. I get great joy when I can feel the happiness of another person. I think that this happens to everyone. Pride in what you did for this person, that it was you, the person who brought him happiness.
And many are looking for this attention. They search in many ways. And if there was such a path that would be ideal for us, people would become kinder, more responsive, more attentive to their loved ones. And I want to wish everyone mutual attention. It is important.
Each woman, like me, is pleased to receive attention. And in my opinion a man who appreciates his woman will never miss the opportunity to give this joy. But so a woman should not leave a man with the thought that everything he does for her is not important. I want to receive this attention from my beloved man and give many times more. I will appreciate every second, every moment, just to feel it.
So it’s not so difficult, for example, to say several times every day how you love your soul mate. And believe me, you will be ready to do incredible things for your soulmate. I wish you love)

Do not play with other people's feelings! Be careful and respectful with feelings of other persons!
id: 38502
27 Dec 2019
There are some things discussed by people rarely. I think we should pay attention to it to avoid problems in the future. I want to talk about…
id: 37622
27 Dec 2019
Dreams will come true. We just need to try come true our dreams
id: 41038
27 Dec 2019
I wish you the kindest and most pleasant dreams! Let a good fairy sneak into your dream and give you a sweet smile on your lips and a good mood for the whole next day!
id: 41762
27 Dec 2019
Remember that you’re the creator of your life story! Nobody will make your life happy for you! You yourself decide to rise up or stand still or fall down!
id: 41480
26 Dec 2019
Do you know that miracles may happen more often than we think? There is a thing you should do if you want miracles to come into your life as often as possible!
id: 36063
26 Dec 2019
It's a small survey that may help you to understand how amazing 2019 was for you... Or maybe it was hard and challenging, and you will do everything possible to improve 2020!
id: 39904
26 Dec 2019
When I see colorful decorations on a Christmas tree and how our city comes to life on the eve of this wonderful holiday, I remember the story, which I read about in the newspaper. It sunk into my soul. This is the most romantic thing I have ever heard and I would like to be in the same Christmas tale in which this couple were too. Today I want to share how to create a special Christmas miracle yourself and don`t waiting for it!
id: 40630
25 Dec 2019
The marriage proposal is a really beautiful and memorable thing. Many single people want to have it. But who should make it? Man or woman? In my opinion, the answer is not obvious.
id: 38954
25 Dec 2019
Now in America, and indeed in all countries, it is fashionable to adhere to such a trend as Bodypositive. It teaches a positive attitude towards your body and free expression.
id: 41466
25 Dec 2019
MERRY CHRISTMAS!)) let's us dream! About our home, about warm pillows, about a milkshake, about pineapple juice, about stars in the sky, about a rocking chair with a warm blanket, about old age, about tasty ice cream, about a tasty breakfast, about care.
id: 41619
25 Dec 2019
Life is beautiful when you have second half in your life.
id: 41038
25 Dec 2019
Appreciate the man who seeks to spend time with you, and does not avoid meeting. That man who speaks sincerely, who trusts the most sincere and secret, who will always say “I'm sorry” if he is wrong.
id: 40789
24 Dec 2019
I am visualizing my man ....
id: 39950
23 Dec 2019
I would like to talk about the traditions in Ukraine!
id: 36576
23 Dec 2019
Christmas is a family holiday rich in the most original sometimes traditions.
id: 39542
23 Dec 2019
Merry Christmas!
id: 39541
22 Dec 2019
Evening of emptiness. An evening of loneliness. You and silence ... The rare rays of the setting sun peek out the window of my bedroom.
id: 41762
22 Dec 2019
I'm a girl who likes to travel, but not alone. I would like to travel with someone who will always be there for me and take care of me, my soul...and make my heart happy. I'm a very romantic girl.
id: 41703
21 Dec 2019
Are you alone this season?
id: 40420
21 Dec 2019
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