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Greetings to Miss March!
Marina , 33 years old
Profile: 39149 Marina
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I suppose that here there are a lot of men who pays attention only in my out beauty. But I strongly believe that I will find here the person who will appreciate firstly my inner beauty.
I am kind positive and sociable girl, I love animals, beautiful nature and travel) I attend gym and fitness classes. When I’m on vacation - I really like doing fitness exercises outdoors, pilates, yoga. So sport means a lot for me. And now I want be honest with you, my last relationship was not so good, my previous boyfriend cheated me, and he dated with another girl at the same time. I can’t stand lies in relationship, so I suppose people should say only truth. And how do you think? Do you agree with me??
As you understand my heart was broken and now I try to find a person who will support me like a tender flower and defend me like a little girl. You know I can be a tender and a passionate. Strong and weak. But I really want to meet a person who will protect me . And I will give all of my love to this person as much as I only can.
Are you ready to to take my heart in your hand ?? And fulfill with love in my heart???
Sincerely , Marina!

How I have found something so interesting and new for my life
id: 14508
12 Oct 2018
Hello dear reader, do you want to know what is like autumn in Ukraine?
id: 36519
12 Oct 2018
In modern life more and more popular become trend of being perfect.
id: 37906
12 Oct 2018
Hello dear readers, do you know that women are more picky when it comes to relationships than men?
id: 37641
12 Oct 2018
I want to show people that life can be better if they overcome some of their fears!♥
id: 38788
11 Oct 2018
What is the difference betwen our logic? Of course everybody knows that we have different logic, but let's open up our difference))
id: 37142
11 Oct 2018
Hello my dear reader! I hope you are in a good mood today and ready to dedicate some minutes on reading my thoughts.
id: 37221
11 Oct 2018
A person who is cultivating himself, who goes forward and up, and takes everything possible from life, who has accepted himself as he is, such a person radiates light from within.
id: 29334
11 Oct 2018
I was said that men feel unconfident near women. Is it true?
id: 38918
11 Oct 2018
Life has a definite scheme where we fall from birth ... Mom's first hugs, kindergarten, school, university, work, children ... There is a constant battle for the best place in the sun or just follow where the whirlpool of events directs. I lived like this until recently, and recently I realized that I was missing something very important. As the missing ingredient in the spicy dish. A very important spice is missed - and the taste becomes completely different.
id: 37916
09 Oct 2018
I recently came to this dating site and it seems to me that many people themselves do not believe that they can find someone with whom they will become happy. I do not for a moment doubt the great number of beautiful and intelligent Ukrainian ladies, and the gallantry and wisdom of men abroad.
id: 38751
09 Oct 2018
Why do you think people are lonely? Why do they suffer and yearn when they cannot find love, but they don`t do anything by themselves for finding it ? Let's think ... we are all on this site because we want to love and be loved, we want emotions and passion, positive and new pleasant sensations. It isn`t ?
id: 27815
09 Oct 2018
I do believe, we are consequences of our actions and we should know how to live with our decisions and desires! I think I would be extremely happy to make decisions with YOU!!
id: 36577
07 Oct 2018
Everyone wants a relationship...everyone wants to be loved. But what makes us not only loved, but also happy?
by Valeri1555
id: 38842
07 Oct 2018
This is our choice to be happy or always live in a future , not appreciating here and now. We don`t need to look for perfect day , people , time , country , weather ... enjoy the life and life will reciprocate you!
id: 27815
06 Oct 2018
How often do we invent problems and bother with stupid things? So often we forget about nobility, wisdom, strength of mind. Why has modern human become such a cruel egotist? He became a hostage to his own cell, the cell of comfort. We so quickly get used to the invaluable feelings, people, moments that we lose them. We lose quickly and slowly, painfully and indifferently.
id: 30130
05 Oct 2018
Wait for the person who will kiss your forehead and say how much he is worried because of you and how lucky he is that you're next to him.
id: 36220
05 Oct 2018
Hello dear reader !!! Today I want to talk about an important topic !!! which stimulates our life !!! This is something ... without which life becomes dull and lethargic !!! You have already speculated ... what could it be ?!
id: 38821
04 Oct 2018
Hello dear reader! Before sharing my thoughts ... I want to tell you a story: There were 2 friends in the world ... they were very friendly from the very childhood ... one of the friends was a clever girl, a beautiful athlete! and the other ...
id: 38420
04 Oct 2018
Hello readears! It is so great to write you in the autumn day. I like to have a cup of tea in the nice cafe and just watch people.. i write something. Why? maybe it inspires. Where do you get thoughts? what does inspire you? Have you ever thought that a woman can inspire you herself? To be your Muse?
by StormLady
id: 36978
04 Oct 2018
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