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Lady of the month
Greetings to Miss August!
Alla , 22 years old
Profile: 40471 Alla
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I am so glad to be the lady of the month.
So I would like to discuss with you my 2 week stay on the dating site. I would like to share with you both a negative and a positive experience. So, let's go!

Pros of use:
1. The dating site is ideal for busy people. My phone is always at hand and I can view the profiles of men, respond to letters or chat. Unfortunately, my work schedule is very tight, so the time for web chat is sorely lacking.
2. If you are worried about your appearance, the dating site will solve this problem. You will receive letters only from those people who genuinely like you.
3. Very often men pay attention only to my seductive appearance, therefore in virtual communication you can recognize a person much better than when he is staring at your "eyes".
4. In the first letter, a person manifests himself by 90% and it will become clear whether you should continue to communicate with him.
5. Virtual communication makes your search much easier and more productive. After reading the profile of a person, you can understand whether there are common goals and interests, what a person is looking for and what he aspires to.
6. Despite the fact that you are looking for a soul mate, during the search you can raise the level of your English and make friends!

What I hate in virtual dating:
1. I hate letters in which men declare love to me from the first line. Gentlemen, do you really think that I would believe in this nonsense?
2. The large size of your property is of little interest to me. Stop sending me your vulgar photos! I am going to live with a real partner. When was the large size the basis of family happiness? Maybe in sex, but it is not accurate.
3. Do not invite me to come to visit you in the first letter. Men, come on. Do you really think that everything is so bad in my life that I will run after a man to the ends of the earth? Maybe I'm looking for a real gentleman who can conquer me?
4. Men who blame their negative previous experience. Do you really think that I am wondering what happened before me?
5. Men who ask for my contact information in the first letter because they do not have the ability to communicate through the site. Do you really think that if I sit in a restaurant and a man comes to me and asks for my phone number, I certainly should give it just because I'm looking for a man? Perhaps it is worth thinking about the fact that Mom taught not to communicate with strangers. And you are strangers for me in the first stages.
6. Men who believe that I should run on Skype to show them my reality and what I do not earn on the site! I'm sorry, what? Do I make money on the site? I think I've missed something. I am on the site only 2 weeks. Before that, I visited 14 countries and live the life of which I have always dreamed and can afford. Really, after I registered on the site, my life has changed dramatically and I bought a Bentley? I have a lot of men in the black list. I hope I answered your question?
7. Freaks, sick on the head, married. This is a separate caste of personalities. This information can not be verified. Once a letter came from a man who had perfect family profile photos. He said that he would love me to the grave only if I got pregnant from my father! Whaaaat?! My father died! You need to be treated and not to look for the second half. Married ones, do not write me, I am looking for only a serious relationship. I'm sure we will not make friends with your wife.
8. Men who tell how much money they spend on the site. I am not interested. I mean, I'm not interested at all. It's your problems. I am looking here for a husband and for me it is free and I do not want to know how much this site costs you. If you can not afford it, then how can you afford to have a wife?
9. Men who shout that I did not find their letter or did not respond in time. Do you really think that I have no other life than answering your letters? I have very very many incoming letters. I think there is no problem to remind about yourself again. If I answered you, then you are interesting to me. Calm down!
10. Total lies. I'm against it. I do not communicate only with you and I do not love you but I think you are nice. And yes, I am looking for a man and that is why I have to choose and communicate, communicate and choose, blacklist. My search is real and I am real. If you tell me about your eternal love, is it even possible in the virtual world?
11. Meeting! Everyone wants it. The final. I haven't had it yet. But I am surprised by men who believe that they have a relationship with a woman whom they have never seen?!
12. Men who fell into the hands of scam temptresses. I sincerely feel sorry for you. If you think that only men are asked for money. You're wrong. Recently, an African American wrote to me asking to send him $500 because he lives among veterans and wants to change this situation. If a girl at the first meeting asks to buy her a new iPhone, does it really affect your relationship? If a girl thinks that she urgently needs money and you are the only one who will save her, isn't this a lie? You know there is a way out - tell the site administration about it. Her profile will be deleted. Do not close your eyes. These girls are fraudsters and other men can be their victims. Only if you do not stop them!!!

So, I voiced some obvious facts about my 2 week use of a dating site. Negatives turned out to be 2 times more because men do not always look for what they indicate in their profiles.
I would like to share this experience with you. Perhaps you will continue my challenge and tell us about your impressions? I am sure it will be very interesting.
Your Alla

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