who is a lonely person? Is it true that a lonely person is one who has no relationship?
id: 42934
16 Apr 2020
There are such sayings: happiness loves silence and what you brag about, you will remain without it. Is it true?
id: 40789
16 Apr 2020
What do women desire ?
id: 41811
15 Apr 2020
How many words were said about love, but I also want to say a little
id: 42411
15 Apr 2020
Characteristic personality: a man of emphasized politeness, correctness, well-mannered, noble. In a word, a very pleasant Sir!
id: 19002
15 Apr 2020
I want to express my thoughts about how many lonely people are looking for their love ...
id: 41823
15 Apr 2020
Does a pole dance suit a lady????
id: 31578
14 Apr 2020
My dream man
by SweetheartSonya
id: 40692
14 Apr 2020
Do you think the crisis is good or bad?
id: 42931
14 Apr 2020
We should be happy with the simple things in our lives
id: 42758
13 Apr 2020
This is one of my favorite holidays, not counting my birthday)
id: 40203
13 Apr 2020
Beauty, on all the full head. Who will get this?
id: 42719
13 Apr 2020
Many men at first seem very romantic ... but ... then something in them changes and their true self appears.
id: 41492
12 Apr 2020
Let's laugh and enjoy our lives. Don't be evil! And you will see wonderful results.
id: 36756
12 Apr 2020
As long as you have common goals, common desires and both strive for one dream, your love and relationship will live
id: 42454
12 Apr 2020
Happy Easter, the world!
id: 42210
12 Apr 2020
One day a Ukrainian woman will marry a foreign man, and they will have two Easters!
id: 42728
12 Apr 2020
Why in Ukraine so many young girls aged 18 to 25 years old want to leave Ukraine and get married at an early age?
id: 41619
12 Apr 2020
Short story of my path full of mistakes and why i don't regret about them
id: 40572
11 Apr 2020
How long did the shortest marriage last and why did it happen?
id: 42844
10 Apr 2020
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