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Greetings to Miss October!
Zhana , 23 years old
Profile: 38530 Zhana
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I am a simple girl from an ordinary Slavic family. I am apprecite the family's values and know how important to have the support and care from family! Since my childhood I dreamed of a family like any girl. I always know that there will be understanding loyalty and love in my own family!
But life apparently intended me to live alone for a certain period of time. I was tired of this and decided to act on my own. Therefore, I am here.
I can definitely say about myself that I am a very open and mature person. I am also very purposeful. I really like people who can be frank and know what they want to have in future. But unfortunately I do not meet them very often in my life. I understand that a person who finds his second half and feels close to him should happily do everything to keep this relationship close and happy forever. It is so difficult in the modern world to find someone who will be perfect fit for you. But i believe that I can)
Need to choose with your heart and not with your eyes. I adhere to this principle. For me it doesn’t matter what a person looks like, in what social or financial status he is, the most important what is in your heart and what treats of character you have. If a person has a good soul, what does the spot on his shirt or overweight matter?
I have been instilled with stable moral principles in my family and I am guided by them all my life. I cannot say that I have many good friends. But I can definitely say that for every good kind person I can become such a person.
I consider myself an interesting conversationalist.

Sometimes It seems to me that we live in some candy shop where you can come at any time and chose what you like paying by cash or buy credit card.
id: 40338
04 Jul 2019
Hello dear readers. Do you believe in soul mates ?? Have you ever had such a thing that you don’t really know a person, but do you understand him/her completely?
by noodles
id: 29462
04 Jul 2019
Did you like adventures when you were small? What about having of adventures being an adult person?
id: 36661
03 Jul 2019
About the real feelings...
id: 16380
03 Jul 2019
Do not afraid and show your feelings!
id: 39718
02 Jul 2019
I really strive for this, with my soul and my actions.
by VivaAngela
id: 38716
30 Jun 2019
Even the one who is now far away may be near, if he is in your heart.
id: 36793
28 Jun 2019
Many women don’t know how to catch the attention of a man. They just don’t know whom man looking for. There is a theory.
id: 36661
28 Jun 2019
want to love to try !!!
id: 38124
27 Jun 2019
You might ask why it burned feeling)? Everything is as always very simple! Do you remember your relationship? As they began and with what)? And as a result ended... Important questions)! Think well before you answer!
id: 38531
27 Jun 2019
There is a phrase confuses me. And it confuses many other people I believe. Let's try to discuss it today.
id: 36063
27 Jun 2019
Think about your life) Do u feel yourself another person with going ages? What's real have the meaning in this life?? My post let you to think about important things and make important desicion)) Be happy)
id: 38530
26 Jun 2019
I know that many women do it. Would a man do it I wonder?
id: 37622
26 Jun 2019
Many centuries and research, a bunch of scientists and just men, and now, the secret of success is found!
id: 39909
25 Jun 2019
are you ready to love so much?
id: 38124
24 Jun 2019
But living with someone who loves you, makes it a wonderul attraction!
id: 39955
23 Jun 2019
Oh hi! :) I want to tell something, add a few words on this topic! Bradford, I hope you can see it and all people who read Bradford's blog too :)))
id: 36576
23 Jun 2019
It's the main reason why I registered here...
id: 39923
23 Jun 2019
Let's try to understand what is it to be good almost ideal husband or wife.
id: 39366
22 Jun 2019
I think everyone here on this site wants to have a beautiful happy story, right? :* So...
id: 39542
22 Jun 2019
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