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Greetings to Miss June!
Tetiana , 25 years old
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Hello, my name is Tanya! It’s always difficult to write something about yourself, but I will try! I have a loving heart and a beautiful soul. I am always positive and I love to smile! I respect myself and other people, I think it’s important to accept people as they are because I think every person is special. I like nature and animals. I am easy going woman that like to have fun but when I need to be serious I am very serious. Ha ha. I am looking for a nice man, simply true and real man with a heart, who is caring and understanding. No super hero’s options! Just a real Man! I would like to meet an open minded, kind and gentleman, who is not afraid to make a first step, who is ready to start a new life, who is ready to change his life and my life for the best!
I don’t know what my future holds for me, but I am sure I am already in a right place to change it!
Thank you for your time,

Do you want to say "I love you" but can not do it for different reasons? My blog will help you! Mature woman knows;)
id: 38490
15 Jan 2019
Good news for today. Happy future of Ukrainian women and foreign gentlemen. Things you need to know about Ukrainian ladies.
id: 37622
15 Jan 2019
The value of meeting is so high and it can bring that element in communication that you were missing. But for everything supposed to be right time. Meeting is not a thing to be rushing with.
id: 14508
15 Jan 2019
Hello everybody, my name is Karina, and I am happy to be here on this dating site, and today I want to tell a little about such a thing as Love! For me love is attention, deference, sense of responsibility and of course big feeling love! When I feel love, I cant to live without my lovely man, I am fully to give myself to my loved one, and after I not see any other men. I feel like a very soon I am to find my future love on this dating site♥!
id: 38788
15 Jan 2019
I just want to express my thoughts that have recently came in my mind
id: 37031
15 Jan 2019
here I put my thoughts about traveling and what inspires me about it...
id: 39419
14 Jan 2019
What is your way of learning new language? I think the best is to share your experience with other people, so I am doing it!
id: 36519
12 Jan 2019
"5 wacky laws of Italy"
id: 38744
11 Jan 2019
It seems to me that an amusement park with attractions is a very accurate comparison for people. There are those that are breathtaking. And there are those on which you never decide to ride.
id: 29334
10 Jan 2019
Oh really?? Maybe this is the main problem why so many lonely people around ???
id: 27311
10 Jan 2019
by MariBlond3
by MariBlond3
id: 39302
09 Jan 2019
Hello my dear reader! Each of us at some point in life understands that something needs to be changed. Have you ever had a such feeling?
by Desert_Flower
id: 39272
09 Jan 2019
My blog is for those who give up!
id: 29405
05 Jan 2019
positive emotions
id: 39203
04 Jan 2019
Why we all have some disagreements even with beloved? I want to explain the cause of all scandals and how to avoid them.
id: 12302
03 Jan 2019
Setting up my list of goals for this year.
id: 37031
02 Jan 2019
we had to travel 2 days by train
id: 39203
28 Dec 2018
Merry Christmas to all of you there!
id: 38716
26 Dec 2018
Christmas is Love,I have come here to find mine.
id: 39366
25 Dec 2018
In the culture of my country, Christmas has played a large role , in recent years, this holiday has acquired a special magic, family importance. It is very pleasant that people do not forget the centuries-old traditions and respect culture. Without the past, we wont have the future.
id: 37670
24 Dec 2018
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