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Greetings to Miss June!
Tetiana , 25 years old
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Hello, my name is Tanya! It’s always difficult to write something about yourself, but I will try! I have a loving heart and a beautiful soul. I am always positive and I love to smile! I respect myself and other people, I think it’s important to accept people as they are because I think every person is special. I like nature and animals. I am easy going woman that like to have fun but when I need to be serious I am very serious. Ha ha. I am looking for a nice man, simply true and real man with a heart, who is caring and understanding. No super hero’s options! Just a real Man! I would like to meet an open minded, kind and gentleman, who is not afraid to make a first step, who is ready to start a new life, who is ready to change his life and my life for the best!
I don’t know what my future holds for me, but I am sure I am already in a right place to change it!
Thank you for your time,

I do not stop to admire the chic decoration of the Christmas streets of this winter ... Everything shines with colorful garlands, every store, every shopping center and every house is wrapped in amazing scenery ... But is there a real holiday spirit in people's families ??
id: 37916
24 Dec 2018
In this blog I want to tell you in detail what harmony in relationships means to me. And I want to talk about the four elements of harmony in my understanding.
by Yours_special_lady
id: 23345
23 Dec 2018
the most interesting thing is to make a “Card of Wishes”
id: 39203
22 Dec 2018
sharing my view on how people value their time these days
id: 37031
20 Dec 2018
Do you agree with me? New Year is a time to sum up, make plans, give presents and, of course, make wishes. The magic of this holiday is already flying in the air, we can only feel it
by Desert_Flower
id: 39272
20 Dec 2018
Many people start to celebrate Christmas on the twenty fifth December. I want to congratulate you. As for me i wait for my time and I prepare for the New Year.
id: 33556
20 Dec 2018
by Nastusha97
id: 39274
18 Dec 2018
Is it all about traditions? YES..
id: 33556
17 Dec 2018
About love, about me ... and you
id: 39283
15 Dec 2018
Happiness in my eyes)
id: 39203
15 Dec 2018
by PearlGirl
id: 39306
14 Dec 2018
Talking of a man I would like to meet here
id: 37031
14 Dec 2018
I preferred this site because everyone who is here is REAL PEOPLE. AND I AM ALSO REAL !!!!!
id: 39135
14 Dec 2018
Winter is the time when you need to show your love, it warms people up!)))
id: 36661
12 Dec 2018
I like to be healthy, slim and emotionally calm. How do i do it?
by 69 Shades of Love
id: 36144
11 Dec 2018
by SexyoneKsu
id: 39301
10 Dec 2018
by Nastusha97
by Nastusha97
id: 39274
10 Dec 2018
The first month of winter is the most charming,pleasant and cozy time of the year. Even the most cold hearts can be melted before Christmas))) Agree? Remember the story of Charles Dickens " A Christmas Carol". The magic of the holidays helped to change fundamentally the outlook of the hero of this story.
id: 38525
10 Dec 2018
Silence is...
id: 26758
10 Dec 2018
I always had an attitude to life, like watching a movie. And if this film is sometimes not funny - it is always interesting for me to watch it further.
id: 29334
08 Dec 2018
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