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Zhana , 23 years old
Profile: 38530 Zhana
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I am a simple girl from an ordinary Slavic family. I am apprecite the family's values and know how important to have the support and care from family! Since my childhood I dreamed of a family like any girl. I always know that there will be understanding loyalty and love in my own family!
But life apparently intended me to live alone for a certain period of time. I was tired of this and decided to act on my own. Therefore, I am here.
I can definitely say about myself that I am a very open and mature person. I am also very purposeful. I really like people who can be frank and know what they want to have in future. But unfortunately I do not meet them very often in my life. I understand that a person who finds his second half and feels close to him should happily do everything to keep this relationship close and happy forever. It is so difficult in the modern world to find someone who will be perfect fit for you. But i believe that I can)
Need to choose with your heart and not with your eyes. I adhere to this principle. For me it doesn’t matter what a person looks like, in what social or financial status he is, the most important what is in your heart and what treats of character you have. If a person has a good soul, what does the spot on his shirt or overweight matter?
I have been instilled with stable moral principles in my family and I am guided by them all my life. I cannot say that I have many good friends. But I can definitely say that for every good kind person I can become such a person.
I consider myself an interesting conversationalist.

I am going to tell you why it's important to meet in real life!
id: 39955
01 Jun 2019
I wanted to share my thoughts about if there is really the perfect age to get married?
by SaultAndPepper
id: 37031
31 May 2019
Everyone has experienced breakups and mishaps, but mid-life is a time to live again and to find true companionship without the drama.
id: 39971
29 May 2019
My life is so unpredictible...
id: 39955
28 May 2019
Hello and "privet"! I am Luda and I want to tell you more about myself!
id: 25166
28 May 2019
It is important to have a sense of humor in family life.
id: 39784
28 May 2019
Our dreams have done more than we expected.
id: 39361
28 May 2019
Happiness takes no account of time- and this is the most natural and true truth, to argue with which is both unwise and absurd.
id: 39628
27 May 2019
What is really the most important in life and if any work or career can give us warmth or love.
id: 39206
27 May 2019
I heard a lot that person change if love lives in a heart. Let's talk about it today.
id: 36063
26 May 2019
Modern women try to be independent and free from men. They ask for equal rights. Which is not bad of course but don`t you think that modern femenism spoils tradition family values and relationships between a man and a woman?
id: 38444
26 May 2019
Some think that good and happy times will never come again. We become older and it's not easy to find true love at a mature age. I have a different point of view!
id: 37622
25 May 2019
Do you want to know about my first romantic date? I will tell you, I think it will amuse you at this moment. It was so long ago, but I'll tell you.
by DNA_of_love
id: 39891
24 May 2019
What type of woman was good for the building of the family many years ago? What type of woman is good for the family now? And what about the future? My thoughts on a perfect wife.
id: 36661
23 May 2019
Have you ever wondered why we are looking for true love and what follows when we find it? whether we are happy or not? I want to tell you everything I think about the subject.
id: 38574
23 May 2019
The most important thing in a relationship is to be able to speak about feelings and emotions! The partner needs to give a sufficient number of pleasant surprises and events)))! Relationships are what we strive for! And I think everything should be perfect!
id: 38531
23 May 2019
My story is based on my dreams. I think that each of us has a dream. Even if not quite cherished, and not so important, but there is something that we would like.
id: 39939
22 May 2019
I understand that this topic is not for everyone, some absolutely refuse to talk and accept it, but today I want to talk about the good features of this class!!
id: 40073
22 May 2019
What is important in the relationship between a man and a woman?
id: 39316
22 May 2019
I want to share with you my biggest secrets...
id: 39979
21 May 2019
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