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Daria , 26 years old
Profile: 38578 Daria
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Important in all respects is attention. Attention may vary. Some of us require more attention, some less. Someone requires gifts, someone gentle kisses and pleasant words. But I am most pleased to receive reciprocity from any attention I have given. I get great joy when I can feel the happiness of another person. I think that this happens to everyone. Pride in what you did for this person, that it was you, the person who brought him happiness.
And many are looking for this attention. They search in many ways. And if there was such a path that would be ideal for us, people would become kinder, more responsive, more attentive to their loved ones. And I want to wish everyone mutual attention. It is important.
Each woman, like me, is pleased to receive attention. And in my opinion a man who appreciates his woman will never miss the opportunity to give this joy. But so a woman should not leave a man with the thought that everything he does for her is not important. I want to receive this attention from my beloved man and give many times more. I will appreciate every second, every moment, just to feel it.
So it’s not so difficult, for example, to say several times every day how you love your soul mate. And believe me, you will be ready to do incredible things for your soulmate. I wish you love)

In this raging sea called "life" it is very difficult to find your other half. Every time on the way you meet not “those people” and you start to think that happiness is not for you. Some of us are constantly looking to the past, thinking that we have let go of someone important, we have lost the only chance for happiness! All this should not worry you. The past is not in vain called that way, it’s something that has already passed and you don’t need to return it and think about it. If you constantly drag thoughts, disappointments from the past, then you will come to the future with "a huge bag" full of unnecessary things from the past that you are sorry to throw away and which do not allow you to move forward due to heaviness. Release everything and look to the future. Let's talk about what we, Ukrainian women are looking for in this world. I show you on my example).
id: 40630
20 Nov 2019
Very often I encounter indignation from my friends. They ask, "Why are you looking for an adult man? You're young, you need a young one !!!!!"
id: 41466
20 Nov 2019
Women creates emotional communication.Do you agree with that?
id: 41332
19 Nov 2019
I have always been attracted to the sea. I can enjoy the view of the sea forever, the song the waves sing. The sea lives its life. The life of movement, excitement, beauty.
id: 41327
19 Nov 2019
All men sooner or later wondered, what is the secret of female logic?)! I am sure that you are not an exception, are you?)
by ***MUZA***
id: 41284
19 Nov 2019
An ideal life, an ideal person, an ideal woman / man, an ideal wife / husband, everyone wants everything perfect, but is there really something perfect in the world ? I think that there is not, although many people try to make everything perfect, I try look at everything directly, do you agree with me ?
id: 41510
19 Nov 2019
My personal female happiness is to understand that you just need to fall asleep on a man’s shoulder, forgetting about the problems of the case, press her against the flowers that he presented, know that she will always support, when there is no strength. Is it too hard?
id: 41413
19 Nov 2019
opening some secrets))
id: 40003
19 Nov 2019
what true love is about
id: 37031
19 Nov 2019
One psychotherapist even jokingly suggested abolishing the word "Love" and using "X" instead. After that
id: 41127
18 Nov 2019
For me it is very important to feel the hand of my partner. I consider holding hands to be a very intimate moment
id: 41125
18 Nov 2019
I decided to ask myself why Ukrainian women are so popular in foreign countries. A serious question, a lot of research, discoveries, and tons of books read.
id: 41093
18 Nov 2019
Should we be grateful to ex-partner? Should we hate it maybe? Let's sort things out!
id: 36063
17 Nov 2019
It is very important to be first of all yourself and not to copy others and it is important absolutly in all spheres of life.
id: 36601
17 Nov 2019
My little thoughts about big feelings
id: 39960
16 Nov 2019
How to create a harmonious relationship? What is it? for us now in this world is a problem.
id: 39950
16 Nov 2019
How often do you say the words - I love you, and what do they mean to you?
id: 40150
16 Nov 2019
In fact, this is a very difficult and double-digit question. On the one hand, in relations between a man and a woman, and even more so - a husband and wife, there are no trifles at all. Every detail is important there, because in certain circumstances it can play a critical or negative role.
id: 39656
16 Nov 2019
Why in a relationship one partner always loves more. What is the problem? Lovers very often fall into the trap of passion.
id: 41136
16 Nov 2019
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