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Greetings to Miss October!
Zhana , 23 years old
Profile: 38530 Zhana
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I am a simple girl from an ordinary Slavic family. I am apprecite the family's values and know how important to have the support and care from family! Since my childhood I dreamed of a family like any girl. I always know that there will be understanding loyalty and love in my own family!
But life apparently intended me to live alone for a certain period of time. I was tired of this and decided to act on my own. Therefore, I am here.
I can definitely say about myself that I am a very open and mature person. I am also very purposeful. I really like people who can be frank and know what they want to have in future. But unfortunately I do not meet them very often in my life. I understand that a person who finds his second half and feels close to him should happily do everything to keep this relationship close and happy forever. It is so difficult in the modern world to find someone who will be perfect fit for you. But i believe that I can)
Need to choose with your heart and not with your eyes. I adhere to this principle. For me it doesn’t matter what a person looks like, in what social or financial status he is, the most important what is in your heart and what treats of character you have. If a person has a good soul, what does the spot on his shirt or overweight matter?
I have been instilled with stable moral principles in my family and I am guided by them all my life. I cannot say that I have many good friends. But I can definitely say that for every good kind person I can become such a person.
I consider myself an interesting conversationalist.

Concepts such as happiness and enjoyment are not synonyms at all.
id: 40487
19 Sep 2019
People are desperate to find their other half. Every day we come to grips with this life in the hope of finding someone who will make us happy. We are drawn to each other, the legend of yin and yang confirms this.
id: 40779
19 Sep 2019
What makes a woman happy? Should she do only household chores or not? Find out the answer below
id: 40837
19 Sep 2019
Loneliness is a strange feeling that makes us leave our comfort zone and take desperate steps for our happiness. I recently read incredible studies that opened my eyes. The reason was very strange. It turns out that a man is sad alone more often than women. You know why?
id: 38578
18 Sep 2019
It was a little hard for me to make the first move! This hesitant, timid step towards my future happiness! I hope it will be so! I believe that now is the perfect time for a change in my life! That's why I'm here)!
id: 40889
18 Sep 2019
☝️☝️☝️If you have a dream, no matter how crazy it may seem, make it real !!
id: 38530
18 Sep 2019
We are people, pair being and will always strive to create partnerships! It's a part of our DNA! Many people once betrayal or disappointment in life close with their problems alone! This is wrong! Why?
id: 38531
18 Sep 2019
Signs are all around us. But not many pay attention to it. I am here to remind you to stay attentive.
id: 37622
18 Sep 2019
Love is something you can't understand mind this is what is felt as say the heart.
id: 39933
18 Sep 2019
my thoughts about love are very interesting, read and I hope you can find something useful for yourself.
id: 38532
18 Sep 2019
Oh, ladies! Everything is so complicated in our lives! Here are 11 interesting facts about “female” brain.
by Mascarpone
id: 40835
16 Sep 2019
I always thought that in order to be happy enough to have all the material goods
id: 40949
16 Sep 2019
I have found 9 statements which women use in communication. I am not a professional dater, but I know something about women, their thoughts and love. So let's never use the following statements about relationships.
id: 36654
16 Sep 2019
I hope that the title of my blog caught your attention. Is it possible to stay friends after the divorce? I propose to discuss it today.
id: 36661
15 Sep 2019
In the modern world, education plays a huge role. To become successful in his work, a person must learn something new every day.
id: 38574
15 Sep 2019
I would like to pay attention to a thing many forget about. I think that the more people will talk about relationships the more chances that they will build a happy relationship.
id: 37622
13 Sep 2019
Instruction manual? Men attention!
id: 39542
13 Sep 2019
What is the sense of life? I tell you what i think about!
id: 38788
13 Sep 2019
one of delicate issues))
by SaultAndPepper
id: 37031
13 Sep 2019
discussing international couples
id: 39971
13 Sep 2019
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