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Greetings to Miss February!
Daria , 26 years old
Profile: 38578 Daria
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Important in all respects is attention. Attention may vary. Some of us require more attention, some less. Someone requires gifts, someone gentle kisses and pleasant words. But I am most pleased to receive reciprocity from any attention I have given. I get great joy when I can feel the happiness of another person. I think that this happens to everyone. Pride in what you did for this person, that it was you, the person who brought him happiness.
And many are looking for this attention. They search in many ways. And if there was such a path that would be ideal for us, people would become kinder, more responsive, more attentive to their loved ones. And I want to wish everyone mutual attention. It is important.
Each woman, like me, is pleased to receive attention. And in my opinion a man who appreciates his woman will never miss the opportunity to give this joy. But so a woman should not leave a man with the thought that everything he does for her is not important. I want to receive this attention from my beloved man and give many times more. I will appreciate every second, every moment, just to feel it.
So it’s not so difficult, for example, to say several times every day how you love your soul mate. And believe me, you will be ready to do incredible things for your soulmate. I wish you love)

I truly believe that my dreams will come true I believe in the perfect relationship Perfect relationship are that any good relationship is stored in love.
id: 41703
12 Jan 2020
Only if you are honest and sincere can you find true and true love.
id: 38578
10 Jan 2020
One man asked me such question: how are you doing this? This is a kind of magic or just your nature?
by Lana*Your_Light
id: 41514
10 Jan 2020
Video Games, Music and ART!)
id: 41908
10 Jan 2020
How to start a new life in Thailand?
id: 40471
10 Jan 2020
Now more and more often you can meet those who openly say that they are not reading and in principle do not see the point in this, why? because now there is everything on the Internet!
id: 41466
10 Jan 2020
more happiness for us
id: 39950
09 Jan 2020
Summary of love itself and how it is portrayed
id: 40811
09 Jan 2020
Many men every day wonder: “What does a woman want?”. This question torments all men's minds! Let's dive deep into the female consciousness and find out what kind of secrets lie at the bottom of female hearts. Let's go!
id: 40630
08 Jan 2020
How many problems in relations arise from elementary understatement! Someone thought something, heard, wound themselves up and everything is a quarrel from scratch!
id: 40789
08 Jan 2020
One day it comes. I want to drastically change my life: get a divorce, run away from my hometown to distant lands, quit my job and open my own business ...
by Sunny_Woman
id: 39262
08 Jan 2020
You, yes, yes, I am speaking to you, smile, hear? You will definitely be fine this year.
id: 38444
05 Jan 2020
Sometimes you must will love yourself, that the world will love you
id: 35490
05 Jan 2020
All the hobbies that I do bring me great pleasure, especially yoga, because it collects all your thoughts and directs them in the right direction.
id: 41745
04 Jan 2020
It's hard to understand why some people lie to you, but let's find some answers
id: 39904
04 Jan 2020
It's an article that was found by me few days ago. Let it be a good mantra for you!
id: 39923
04 Jan 2020
Psychologists admit that many people have turned to them for help, having achieved serious heights, but at the same time seriously doubting that they deserve it.
id: 38578
04 Jan 2020
It's about music and not only! It's about humans' life!
id: 38502
04 Jan 2020
2020 is the beginning of something new and something special! But what is it depend exactly from you!
id: 41480
04 Jan 2020
Love is one of the most powerful feelings that a person can experience. They say that hope dies last, but love, if it is sincere and true, does not die at all.
id: 41703
04 Jan 2020
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