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Greetings to Miss April!
Victoriya , 26 years old
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First of all I want to thank all readers of my blog.I sincerely hope that this short story will make you think a little more about your own life and how much fast time passes.LIfe it is gift,love it is real blessing from Heaven or Destiny or God. And we much enjoy each new moment of it! I want to love and I am ready to love) I know that I am young girl,but enough wise to be able to value love,relationship and life itself.I am ready to devote myself to my man .I am ready to have strong relationship built on love,trust,romance and passion.I am here on this site with strong wish to find not just boy friend,but my future husband.I am here on this site for some time and I have met very very many wonderful men-serious, responsiable,kind and polite.And I am sure each of us deserve to meet soulmate and righ life partner.I am sure that each of us can meet own love and life partner is not easy)and it can take time,because all women and all men here are such wonderful.The main-look for! Search! Communicate,Talk! Try to learn out about each other as more as possiable! Be honest! Be frank! Be curiouse! And one moment you will see-You will feel-it is SHE! It is HE!) Real true LOVE will come to you even online!And then,when you meet in real life,please,follow my advice! Love each other! Enjoy each other! Surprise each other each minute,each day,whole life,always).Take care of each other and make this World better with your love! Because only Love is able to create life itself)
Thank you so much for reading this again) Wish you to find the main love of all your life here)

Do you know that there are people who can penetrate the heart forever? We met 1.5 years ago, it was all like teenagers, it was all very romantic!
27 Mar 2019
Everybody has a close person somewhere in the world, and to easy the process of searching you should better sign up on
22 Mar 2019
My name is Tatyana and finally I have my own love-story to tell. Signing up on a dating site was idea of mine. I wasn’t sure that I will find a love there
17 Feb 2019
Everything happens as it should be! On that day, I accidentally met a classmate, she went on the advice of a friend to a marriage agency
28 Jan 2019
Our first date  was wonderful, I can’t say that I fell in love with Andrea at first sight, but he definitely took a piece of my heart from me
25 Jan 2019
My name is Olya and I want to tell you my romantic story. I have always had a biased attitude towards dating sites
14 Jan 2019
My name is Elena, and my beloved name is Ali. Thousands of kilometers separate us, but love brought our continents together in one letter!
09 Jan 2019
We met trite, in the dating site, my profile has been on the site for several months, and I have not found anyone
25 Dec 2018
My name is Alyona, I live in Kharkov, and soon I will pack a suitcase and leave for another country. And this story began terribly stupid...
12 Dec 2018
It all started with my letter to John, when I saw his profile on the, I immediately felt something related.
20 Nov 2018
To tell the truth I did not have the main goal- to get married, I was so young, so unexperienced. After all this time i can say frankly ..
13 Nov 2018
Once, each of us hopes that his happiness will find him! And my happiness found me hundreds of kilometers away! Could I have thought
02 Nov 2018
We both didn’t believe in correspondence relations, but both registered on the dating website to try it, it might work out!
29 Oct 2018
What a wonderful, smiling couple. They  met   each  other  in Ukraine, but before they have met on dating site.
22 Oct 2018
We want to tell you about happy story which was happened this year in Kiev
15 Oct 2018
This couple is not an ordinary one. Read the story of the meeting and love on and find out how it was happened on the dating site
17 Sep 2018
Scammers in the internet are very ordinary sort of thing and fight with this problem very effectively. That’s why you can be sure in the safety when chatting on this dating platform
28 Aug 2018
We are happy to introduce аa happy story about Anna and Armin from Germany. They had no fears about age difference. We are happy to be a part of it.
15 Aug 2018
The story of a happy couple of Ukrainian woman, Elena and her man from Greece, Sergio We want to say Thank's Find-Bride for our happiness!
06 Jul 2018
Among a huge variability of dating sites, there are better and worse. But most of these agencies are checked organizations which help lonely people to meet each other and build happy
25 Apr 2018
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