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Greetings to Miss December!
Irina, from Mykolaiv, Ukraine, 24 years old
Profile: 36664 Irina

Hello everybody!

Today I am especially glad to tell you more about me and my goals on this site.
The first thing I want to say about myself is that I am a very emotionally mature person. I have a responsible job - I work as a general manager of a sports club. I like to feel myself like a responsible person and I want to be an responsible wife and mother.
But I do not forget about the fun in my life.
I live in the suburb of the city of Nikolaev, so NATURE is second part of me.
SMILE is an inherent part of my life at home and at work. I work with very positive people and always solve all problems with a smile. My family is a ray of sunshine.
SPORT is the meaning of my life as well. I lead a healthy lifestyle. I am against bad habits, alcohol and cigarettes. I want my husband and my family to be healthy. And I will do my best for this.
Now you know that a nature, smile and sport - the three elements of my life. And I really want my husband to be the fourth and most important element in my life.
I never cease to believe in the dream and waiting for you.

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