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I was dreaming about how to choose right words, how to start...Then I decided to tell, how I feel now, without any flowery epithets...So, why am I here?I am here to correct the great mistake in my life...I always thought I have much much time... Much time for everything :for life, friends, love, family, education, carrier... But my time (I guess not just mine) goes sooooooo quickly, escapes and never returns... I wasted soo much in my life... I used to be offended over the small things, felt angry and was lazy,when I needed to act...Now I am here to have enought time for everything I desire... To live a life as I want to do it, create the most unforgettable memories,beg pardon, make a declaration of love, go ahead, make successful career,to make my family happy and whole, to be sincere and honest... Take away pride and envy from my heart.
Step by step I make impossible mirracles... I correct my mistakes and return wasted time.
With all my warmth.
on 26 May 2017
Hello dear readers, thank you for devoting time to my blog and I'll be glad to hear your opinion! Now a very common problem of finding a man, pursuing dreams and how to be a woman worthy of such a man. Let's discuss all of the above! [More]
on 26 May 2017
Life always faces us with different people, somebody leaves us indifferent, but on the other hand, we could fall on love immediately with somebody else... Why? [More]
on 26 May 2017
In this blog, I want to tell you a little about my work. To put it more correctly, it's not even work - it's my life) [More]
on 26 May 2017
Men where are you?? No really, where are you?? I simply ready to give up. [More]
on 26 May 2017
Any woman wants to become beloved and desired. But don't forget about the important aspects that attract men: Just be feminine. A woman should remain a woman in every situation. We have taken too much from men: we drive cars ourselves, we choose men's professions, we have men's haircuts and wear trousers. Yes, and more ... [More]
on 26 May 2017
About let entry "CONGRATULATION UKRAINE!!!" - guys , do you watch TV ? Info in blog is NOT correct. [More]
on 18 May 2017
WHO IS SHE?.....An animal's interest, a throbbing throbbing throat or still a moderate and correct communication? [More]
on 18 May 2017
I believe that it is important for both to develop personality in many different ways. I wonder what movies do women watch and what men do? Oh, i am not speaking about XXL films haha, which are also our part of the life sometimes when we are lonely. Agree? :) [More]
on 18 May 2017
Why do people fall in love in spring? This question I asked myself today, passing through the central park and glimpsing a lot of people in love. Spring awakens in people the feelings of changing their lives and doing crazy things for their second half. [More]
on 18 May 2017
Have you ever felt like you want to start a conversation with someone just next to you, but you can't seem to find a right word? [More]
on 17 May 2017
Hello dear men, friends! Hello my last love!
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