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My hopes ...

Hello there. I don’t know how should I start to express my real hopes in life and love. It is always difficult to say in several words about what I am looking for in relationships, but I know the first thing,the most important is honesty!!!
I am looking for it all my life, and I am talking not only about my future husband, simple honesty in our daily communication is like a treasure nowadays.
Just think,are you honest in every day life with your close people,your colleagues, your boss of example??? Answer honestly just for yourself, not for others!!!
The second thing is respect between two people, I value this in man, respect as woman not as good looking doll for games.

Now rereading all what I wrote... I asked myself hey girl, and what about LOVE and romance??? In such fast moving world we forget about romance, we forget what is the real first date should be, without playing roles, and without advertising each other like ideal match... We forget how to be yourself, real and sincere.

So, my hopes are simple, I am not looking for million dollars and luxury, I am looking for ordinary things like respect and honesty, maybe someone here could explain me why is it so hard to find them now???

With a great hope for real love
on 18 Jul 2018
From the point of view of psychologists, a kiss is a manifestation of emotions. If a person does not want to kiss, then he avoids emotions in the relationship. You shouldn't even talk about seriousness and attachment here. Remember the movie "Pretty Woman", in which the main character, engaged in prostitution, explained to her client that she "does not kiss at work". [More]
on 18 Jul 2018
The most interesting I want to know is what is the difference between American and Ukrainian ladies?That is a question which I wish to address to all man from US here. I was all the time thinking why so much single man's keep staying on dating sites and searching for foreign love and future soul mate? 
As i know from many of my friends which are living in US that America full of great women's which can really die for her man.And that is really true. Once i had heard some good things while studying English in university our professor was from US, he attended us just to share with more detailed things about English and story of this language so on...And during his courses we asked him about family " is that difficult to be without your family when you are far from them?" And he answered that yes it's true, but I am feeling not alone because of my wife which supports me so much, loves me, believe in me and all the time waiting if i am not with her. "She is the most great what i have in my life and she is my treasure which I love so much, and I cannot imagine myself without her, because she and me we are a one whole part which nobody can break."- professor said.So after that short dialogue I was impressed so much and I think that all man are happy with their wifes But when I joined this site I was confused and until now I don't know why so many guys are single and alone ...Hope that may be you are the one who will explain me:)) [More]
on 17 Jul 2018
Hello everyone. What do you think about happiness? What does it mean for you? I will help you to answer all this questions. [More]
on 15 Jul 2018
WOW, you even can cook?
You know sometimes people ask me very interesting questions like “wow, you are working?” or “how can you be such slim, did not you eat?” or “you are single?? No way, you lie.”
on 14 Jul 2018
For fans of an exciting business - fishing begins the season. Among the spring months - May is the best time for fishing. Water warms up after winter, the fish begins to look for food and rises to the surface of the water. Excellent fishing in May can be on the lake and by the river. [More]
on 12 Jul 2018
What means to you the serious relations??? [More]
on 12 Jul 2018
I have already said more than once that the relationship between a man and a woman is formed much earlier than everyone thinks. Any interaction of a woman with a man already creates certain "relationships".

Casual sex, fleeting glance, a couple of dates or five years of living together are all different types of the same thing. And each of them gives a certain experience, which is necessary for your development.

Proceeding from this principle, even your first (by definition) relationship with a man is already not so.

It can be the first romantic kiss in the sixteenth and first year of living together with a man when you are thirty.

But in the first and in the second case, all the thoughts in your head first revolve only around his image. It is also permissible that you are simply "stormed". :)

Then you want this to end. And after a minute, you look at it time after time, did not miss the input coming from him.

I have 8 useful tips that will help you not to get lost in your first serious relationship. [More]
on 12 Jul 2018
I have never done it, so here is my first post. Maybe some of you, gentlemen, will read it and some could agree with me and some will protest and say, “what this young lady knows about it”. Nevertheless, I am sure each of you will have some reaction on it. [More]
on 11 Jul 2018
First of all thanks for visit my blog. I wanna speak about theme, which worried many people. That's why I think that it will be interesting for me. And I promise that it will be interesting for You! You can write me and we can discuss it. You are welcome!) [More]
on 11 Jul 2018
What it is more important for men, external beauty of the woman or internal smother??? [More]
on 10 Jul 2018
A magical place to dream .... [More]
on 10 Jul 2018
Do you know what can be better than waking up early in the morning with your lovely man near? [More]
on 10 Jul 2018
Hello my dear reader! I am glad that you found time on reading my thoughts. I am trying to be sincere and write on the theme that is really bothers me. [More]
on 10 Jul 2018
I'm curious, is it truth that men choose women by different categories.
on 10 Jul 2018
Hello dear readers, today I would like to share my thoughts, and I hope that you will understand me. [More]
on 10 Jul 2018
Hello my sweet readers, I hope that you will read what I have written here, and understand my desire. [More]
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