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First of all I am not a selfish person so i can’t speak about myself long hours. Okay, maybe if you set a mirror in front of me! :) But i am really an open, easygoing woman, who is family oriented, caring and loving. For me family traditions mean so much. Being a Ukrainian woman i can cook very tasty, care for myself with a non expensive natural treatments. I love sport any kinds no matter if we go hiking, running, tennis or fishing. I am very supporting. My man can trust me any of his secrets and his secret desires.

And now a little humor. Me and my mother like to make fun on each other and this is what she was indenting to sign on the back of my shirt when i run in the early morning: "The unmarried "librarian," Katerina, is dreaming that the reader will take her for 10 days and return the worn out .. and exhausted! Would you read me well?" Ha ha! Yes! Mothers! They always want us to be happy and ready to marry us on any good man! But I am a picky woman and i must watch well before i make my choice. I don’t want divorce anymore. I dream about a life time marriage, happiness and excitement for both of us every day. I don’t mean only the bed excitement. We could find it everywhere and in many things.

Something like caring for our home together and you hold my hips while i am fixing curtains high under the celling.. when we wake up early together to start the day and i fry pancakes and you squeezing juices from the peach and orange.. when go for a walk together and you suggest to get into the shop and try on some hot dress, because you have secret surprise for me this evening... to go to the lake shore and have a nice relaxing time there in the tree shadow... Simply stay home and meet the sun set sitting on the porch hugging each other.. and get in to watch a movie... and many-many more! Oh by the way there is a way how to check if we both are a passionate couple- a movie which lasts 1:20 we watch 3 hours! :)

For all these reasons i am here!

on 19 Jul 2017
Never try to tame a woman .... Just let her feel confident in you. And then she will fall asleep, warmed in your hands ... Want to take hold of the woman's mind, provide her with security. You want to master the woman's affection - give her tenderness. And if you want to conquer her soul, give yours ... [More]
on 19 Jul 2017
My dear readers ! Today i want to touch the very special subject for me...about the most difficult kind of man to love.It is a hard thing to love a good man. ....
on 19 Jul 2017
The most important thing in women is not kindness and beauty. The most important thing is that the woman is a little strange. With fad. [More]
on 19 Jul 2017
We were in a relationship for half a year, immediately played a wedding - emotions, passion, all affairs ..
i began to notice strangeness in his behavior. ex husband , he starts to get nervous, even though he does not have an excuse .. sometimes he mutters something to herself .. once she even heard himself crying in the shower .. [More]
on 19 Jul 2017
I'm already 28, and I'm divorced, still not married. Of course you may ask what is wrong with girls and men in Ukraine. Nothing! just every one searches and chooses what he/she needs. Men are interested in me... [More]
on 14 Jul 2017
I think that every woman wants to be loved and connect her life with a reliable man. A woman should pay attention to his behavior and his manners. If a man sees in you only a sexual object, then 80% of the time of communication he will look at your appearance, and in the eyes will look in passing. A man flirting... [More]
on 14 Jul 2017
My soul is screaming, my body is asking... [More]
on 14 Jul 2017
Not so long ago, a stereotype broke into our life,
That blondes are not very smart people.... [More]
on 14 Jul 2017
My friend asked me to go with her to a meeting and listen to statements about HIV. [More]
on 14 Jul 2017
Who is a WOMAN ? This one word means a lot of in this world , because she is a mother , she is a lover, she is a boss , but also she is a very sensetive woman first of all. [More]
on 14 Jul 2017
and why violence was the language of love afterwards? Have you been cheated both morally and physically? [More]
on 13 Jul 2017
Each of us is looking for his or her beloved one, soulmate and just the person who ll share with us the whole life. A lot of women think that their femininity is enough to satisfy the man. We want to get everything from men ! Their attention, flowers, coffee in the morning..But how woman can be useful for man?... [More]
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