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Greetings to Miss October!
Natalia, 21 years old

Hello, dear users of this wonderful dating site! I’m truly thankful to everyone who likes my profile, photos and posts here! I still can’t believe that I won this month, because I’ve registered recently. This blog became an important part of my life, and this win is a great chance to introduce myself!
My name is Natalia, I am 20 years old. I came here with a serious mission: to make only one man feel happy next to me. My life is a firework of emotions and different activities: working out in the gym, taking photos, modeling for fashion brands, traveling around the world and doing all my best for career development. In my opinion, we should appreciate our lives and never waste the precious time! We are living in the moment, but let’s build happy future! So every single person should gather their strength and take responsibility for becoming lucky in relationships.

I am very hard-working and active: I am lifting weights, doing yoga and stretching! So my life is connected to sports – my job is office manager in the gym! So I know how to protect myself – strong muscles and strong motivation! But the only problem is my modesty and shyness… Instead of partying or going to hang out I stay at home and read books or watch series. I can’t find a decent man because I am afraid to make the first step to make an acquaintance. How do I struggle with that issue? I write my blogs to open my heart! I registered on this site to make new friends and to fall in love, because digital world is a good opportunity to find my couple. Maybe one day I will write a post about my husband from another country! I truly believe that dreams come true.

Why do I need a foreign man? I am planning to learn English and move to another country. So probably it is an interesting experiment for me. I’ve written about cross-cultural experience in previous posts, and now I am sure that I don’t need a Ukrainian man. Due to traveling to different countries, I’ve noticed how caring and polite foreigners are. I’ve been to Egypt, Cyprus, Switzerland, Israel. I saw how men were looking after their kids and how passionate and tender they were next to their wives… It impressed me so much!
So coming to this site is fate. And I am sure that I will find my destiny here… And get married!)

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