Greetings to Miss January - Julia from Odessa, Ukraine, 24 years old
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Hello to everybody, who are now reading these lines. My name is Julia, I am a native Kharkov citizen and an incorrigible optimist. For me, winter and New Year is the moment when the verges of reality and fairy tales are blurred, and everything seems possible, I am very pleased and it is especially important that I became the girl of the month at this moment. How can I not believe in a miracle after this?)

I have an amazingly friendly family, which gave me the ability to dream and smile 24 hours a day. I am a very positive and active person. In my interests, there is running in the mornings, and traveling (especially like the sea), and hanging out with friends in the evenings in cozy cafes, and music (I love jazz).

The desire to be a happy woman, a beloved wife and mother led me to the site. You can have a lot of hobbies and be a very successful person, but nothing and no one is more important than the family. Where you are always expected and sincerely loved. I really want the fairy tale to continue to be realized and the second gift of the winter was a fateful meeting. I wish to everyone a wonderful winter!
on 18 Jan 2018
Dear readres, How do you think, can our past harm our future ? [More]
on 17 Jan 2018
When people ask me why I'm looking for a man outside of my country, I answer - my love can be anywhere, because the planet is big)! Why is it that it is beautiful and young women that cause a special doubt in their serious intentions. [More]
on 17 Jan 2018
In our mad world, there is always place for pure and disinterested love..... it is what I want to find here! [More]
on 17 Jan 2018
Hello everyone! Today I wanted to raise a topic of virginity. Being a 19-year old girl, many people ask me why I haven't had any serious relationship yet. [More]
on 17 Jan 2018
Dear men, why is not everything so simple in your world ?? .You live with us, love us, but play at the same time by your own rules. And we, the girls, need to know these rules in order to understand which game to lead and how to win. You can win, can not you? Will you succumb to us?)) [More]
on 16 Jan 2018
Just because they are not sure of their own ability and cope with the avalanche of problems ... [More]
on 16 Jan 2018
There is a theme that evokes in the life of every woman, a misunderstanding: how to behave properly at the beginning of a relationship, what mistakes women make? If you have something to share on this topic, I will be grateful. I really have something to share, and today I will tell you about one of the main mistakes. [More]
on 16 Jan 2018
When we feel jealousy , we should try get rid of it, until she ruined the relationship. [More]
on 15 Jan 2018
Some time ago I found a small dusty box and there was my letter. The paper became yellow from old age, there was no address on the envelope either, but it's very treasurable for me. It smelled with love and good memories. [More]
on 15 Jan 2018
To my dearest Friend who left this world too early((( [More]
on 14 Jan 2018
Hi to everyone! I hope that Steven Spilberg is here? Looking though pictures i think that any of Ukrainian beauty could be a model or a movie star!!! )) i think if one of you take a such nickname a lot of young girls will write you thousands letters! am i right!? why values are so cheap today? i had my account on the social networks and published.. [More]
on 14 Jan 2018
The British study revealed that the average woman of 17 years of her life is on a diet. Can you believe this, 17 years old ?? !!!! [More]
on 13 Jan 2018
let your dream come true [More]
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