Greetings to Miss April - Julia from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 32 years old
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Hi Dear Readers!!!

First of all I’d like to kindly thank you for reading!! I am very happy to be the girl of the month!!

I’m a woman who has personal freedom and freedom of choice and wish to change that freedom for something more valuable to my mind. If that site help me in it ;-) I’m rather self-confident and maybe a little naive to hope on a happy meeting in the spaces of virtual reality maybe also because I haven’t enough time and opportunity on more “humane” ways of getting acquainted ;-)

The myth that a beautiful woman can’t be clever now is old. And there are a lot of examples. And without any shy I can say that I’m both beautiful and clever. I’m just sure that a clever woman can’t allow to herself to be unbeautiful. I’m not a “star” and I’m not a queen. And don’t think that I’m arrogant. I think that I’m a normal woman ;-)

And why we are here? Do we have any special wishes? ;-)I wish to all of us find true love here!!!!!

Thanks to all!!!
Best wishes,
on 18 Apr 2018
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on 14 Apr 2018
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