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Greetings to Miss July!
Darya , 38 years old
Profile: 37622 Darya
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She walks a street alone and returns home where a beloved man does not wait for her. She walks a park and sees lots of happy couples. Eyes of partners shine with happiness and love. It makes her sad and she starts to think of her life. She has a successful career and true friends, she has lots of hobbies and her life is very active. But all these things can not fill a whole in her heart. Her need is to feel the flame of love, her need is to give all the good things she has. She likes to listen to the singing of birds in the morning and she adores beautiful sunsets. It would be great to share wonderful moments with a special man. Hello to all the people who read this. This is Darya. All the things which were said above are true things which I wrote from the bottom of my heart. My dream is to find a man whom I will love as much as he will love me. I want my life to be turned into a happy life time journey which will be full of happy moments. Years will pass and we will grow old together. But our hearts will be young just like the hearts of kids. Love heals, love motivates, love makes us feel alive. And I am sure that I will reach my goal because my belief and hope are really strong.

I know that many women do it. Would a man do it I wonder?
id: 37622
26 Jun 2019
Many centuries and research, a bunch of scientists and just men, and now, the secret of success is found!
id: 39909
25 Jun 2019
are you ready to love so much?
id: 38124
24 Jun 2019
But living with someone who loves you, makes it a wonderul attraction!
id: 39955
23 Jun 2019
Oh hi! :) I want to tell something, add a few words on this topic! Bradford, I hope you can see it and all people who read Bradford's blog too :)))
id: 36576
23 Jun 2019
It's the main reason why I registered here...
by Hydrangea
id: 39923
23 Jun 2019
Let's try to understand what is it to be good almost ideal husband or wife.
id: 39366
22 Jun 2019
I think everyone here on this site wants to have a beautiful happy story, right? :* So...
id: 39542
22 Jun 2019
All we need is love
id: 38859
21 Jun 2019
I always try to understand, what is a relationship and what should be the truly correct relationships, what should be invested in them by both partners?!... Just during the years I understood the answer on this question!
id: 39316
21 Jun 2019
“My feelings are gone”. Some people hear these words and it’s really painful. Why does it happen?
id: 36063
21 Jun 2019
Have you ever thought why men prefer girls younger than themselves? At least 3 years, but younger? Recently, I decided to think why this tendency has been always existing and continues gaining momentum in the modern world. And I found, that there are many advantages and benefits.
id: 39875
21 Jun 2019
Do you know what awaits you this beautiful summer? Perhaps simply unforgettable adventures))? Which are sure to lead to happiness and love! I hope this summer will be decisive in my life! And I will finally find inner harmony and happiness with my only and beloved man!
id: 38531
20 Jun 2019
We are all want to love and to be loved but most of us know that it's not easy to find true love. Where you can find a good partner? I propose to talk about it today.
id: 37622
20 Jun 2019
what does true love consists of?
id: 37031
20 Jun 2019
How to find the one really meant for you?
id: 39971
20 Jun 2019
I am writing about what is important) And let it be an example of a woman and the requirements of society for her) But the meaning is wider and deeper!) Just feel it!
id: 38530
19 Jun 2019
There are many magic words. I will tell you about one of them
id: 36661
19 Jun 2019
We live far away from each other, different countries, different continents, different time belts even. You wake and she goes to sleep. You come from work and she`s falling asleep. So we`ll try to answer the question, is it possible to keep relationships and make them even stronger if you live so far away from each other.
id: 38444
19 Jun 2019
It's time to say the truth!
id: 39904
19 Jun 2019
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