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Greetings to Miss February!
Svetlana, from Kyiv, Ukraine, 37 years old

Blond woman Sveta. Who is she? I am a simple woman who lives a simple life. I know that life is not about unicorns and rainbows only. You should work hard to reach your goals and I do my best to make my dreams come true. It's not easy to do it sometimes but I never give up. As a stylist/hairdresser I have many clients and I like my job a lot. But I never consider myself as a career-oriented woman. Love and family will be the most important things to me always. I believe that anything is possible if you have the support of your closest people. My parents support any my decisions and I have a good family I think. They know that I may relocate someday and they accept it. I started to look for a foreign man because many of my friends found love abroad and I see how happy they are! So I decided to try. My friends told me that I am a very good, honest and trustworthy friend. They know that they may count on my help. By the way, I think that friendship is a good foundation for the building of something special so I want to build a relationship on friendship and trust. I am an active woman. I like to spend time outdoors, I adore nature and animals. But I like to spend evenings at home also. Cup of coffee and a nice movie make my mood better usually. I know how to make a home cozy and stylish. I know what style is because of my job. My name Svetlana means “Bringer of Light” so I am ready to bring my warm and gentle light into a life of a special man.

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