Should a girl be perfect for a man?

A woman should be attentive to her man. At the initial stage, this means that I show attention to a man and wait for reciprocal signs of attention, so do not be afraid to answer me. If I do not receive them, then at some point I stop communicating. With an indifferent man, nothing will work.
A woman should be neat, well-groomed and maintain order in the house. Sluts are not necessary for normal men, but you should not turn women into kitchen slavery. A woman should look attractive, but monitor not only her appearance, but also her health, minimize bad habits and lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

Relationships with members of the opposite sex, sooner or later, lead us to the heavenly gardens of sex. A good woman seeks to give her man the highest pleasure, so it is important for her not to be shy about receiving new information, talking with a man, learning, experimenting. It is ideal when a man and a woman have reached a high level of mutual understanding in this regard.

Appearance is not important! The main thing is that there is a gray matter in the head.

Ideally, a woman should be simple and homely, no show-off, no drugs. I would like her to have a purpose in life - if this is music, then, for example, she dreams of singing in the Ice Palace.

I would like me to be in contact with family. I would like to go to restaurants and cafes to a minimum, I like parks, shops, squares, embankments more.

The ideal woman is healthy, beautiful, and sexual. Directly speaks about what she likes and what upsets her. She knows how to cook, keep the house in order and cleanliness, looks after herself. She does not prevent a man from developing. She has normal and adequate parents. She knows what this relationship is for. And another important point - she knows how to create something: paint pictures, treat animals, design rockets. The main thing is that it gives something to the world, and not just consumes.

I introduced you to my little story and do not hesitate to write to me, I think this is a good start for dating !!!

I forgot to say I have a few surprises for my future man