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Hello everyone!

I'm not a Barbie doll, I am not as pretty as those girls in magazines so love me for who I am and I will answer you the same!

It was unexpected for me to become the girl of the month.
I have just posted a blog about how I bought a bouquet of peonies for myself and received condemnation from the woman who stood in line behind me. We all struggle at some level with living up to the expectations of others. It begins from the time we are born. I was treated badly in school, as a teenager. My breasts still hadn't appeared when I was 16 years old, the girls made fun of me and the boys felt I was worthless. Unfortunately, they took me aside one day, tore my clothes off, and took pictures of my naked body. But then my mother once told me: “Wear your small breasts with pride, honey Nastya. Stick them in their faces. They are the ones who are insecure because they think that the boys will like them better because they have larger breasts, and that's all that the guys want about them.” Thanks to my mom I realized that God has created women attractive and it is not the breast that makes woman wonderful certainly there are other things for men who finds woman appealing to them.

Even though I have been using the site for several months I became convinced that foreign men value natural beauty more than silicone. Men are tired of material women, of Barbie dolls. Men want naturalness. I am honor to be a true natural beauty. Natural beauty is the beauty of those women who do not need makeup to look good, whose hair looks good as they are, whose skin is beautiful without foundation, and whose body is beautiful without push-ups, etc.

Therefore, I feel that here I can find a man who will appreciate me. The right man will love me not only for the beauty he sees in my form as a lovely woman but most importantly, because of who I am — my character and personality.