Hello! You know, usually, when people publish books, on the first pages they always talk about the author so that the reader understands the history itself the way the author wanted to show it.

It seems to me that the life of every person is a book and on this site, I let you read my chapters. And now I want to tell you about myself, so that you can look at it with my eyes and be able to add your opinion about me, seeing from both sides!

I am one of those people for whom it is very important to smile and feel happy. Going through life smiling is my credo and motto for life! "If you see a person without a smile - give him yours" - I do not remember the author of this expression, but I try to follow this! I am very active and I love to feel that life is in full swing around me! I like to occupy myself with something new, to discover new facets of my possibilities, proving to myself that there is almost nothing impossible!

“Dance as if no one is looking at you. Sing as if nobody hears you. Love as if you have never been betrayed, and live as if the earth is paradise ", one of your favorite writers, Mark Twain, accurately and correctly said this. I think that this life should be lived as you feel so that it brought you pleasure and happiness, it is this expression that describes me. I don’t want to be one of those women who over the years turn into boring and dissatisfied old women. I want to discover this world every time in a new way and show it to my future partner!

Why am I on this site? Hmm, this is an interesting question, because I can find a million reasons for this! But the main thing is

that reality is not as pleasant as I would like to see me... I want to see a man next to me who will complement me, with whom we will feel attraction and will understand each other. A man who is so serious in his intentions that he will not hesitate and play games with me. In my country, men, seeing me and my age, think that you can only "have fun" with me, but this does not suit me categorically. On this site, I want a person to love my soul, my nature, to understand me before they touch me.

What should be a man in order for me to understand that this is my man? It's as easy as shelling pears! The man who respects, cares, loves, and values his woman. Which willgive me a sense of security and calmness next to him. A man who is not afraid to show his feelings and does not think only in stereotypes. You can say that this is too much and I am very picky, but I can answer you that my man will receive much more in return! After all, whatever a man would give to a woman - she multiplies it in relation to him! A woman is a reflection of her man, isn't she?

I can now also talk for a long time about how well I cook, I want to take care of my loved one, my man will not need attention! First of all, I want to be a friend for my chosen one, so that we understand each other and can share everything with each other! And much more, But why say this to those who may just not like me? It's a waste of time, and time is too expensive a currency to throw around. I will say this, I am not perfect, I have never been and I never will be! But I am real, sincere, sometimes funny, and sometimes serious. I will be the one for my man. which he wants to see in me while accepting me completely!

I am ready to give wings to the one who will fly with me. The main thing is not afraid of heights, right? And I am confident that there will be a person with me who is not afraid!

Together and forever - this is what I need! I look at the real world, without rose-colored glasses, but I even like it more! There are difficulties, there are problems, there are ups and downs, there are happiness and joy, I want us to experience this together.

Happiness is like a kiss: to enjoy it, you need to share it with someone.