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Lady of the month
Greetings to Miss August!
Alla , 22 years old
Profile: 40471 Alla
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I am so glad to be the lady of the month.
So I would like to discuss with you my 2 week stay on the dating site. I would like to share with you both a negative and a positive experience. So, let's go!

Pros of use:
1. The dating site is ideal for busy people. My phone is always at hand and I can view the profiles of men, respond to letters or chat. Unfortunately, my work schedule is very tight, so the time for web chat is sorely lacking.
2. If you are worried about your appearance, the dating site will solve this problem. You will receive letters only from those people who genuinely like you.
3. Very often men pay attention only to my seductive appearance, therefore in virtual communication you can recognize a person much better than when he is staring at your "eyes".
4. In the first letter, a person manifests himself by 90% and it will become clear whether you should continue to communicate with him.
5. Virtual communication makes your search much easier and more productive. After reading the profile of a person, you can understand whether there are common goals and interests, what a person is looking for and what he aspires to.
6. Despite the fact that you are looking for a soul mate, during the search you can raise the level of your English and make friends!

What I hate in virtual dating:
1. I hate letters in which men declare love to me from the first line. Gentlemen, do you really think that I would believe in this nonsense?
2. The large size of your property is of little interest to me. Stop sending me your vulgar photos! I am going to live with a real partner. When was the large size the basis of family happiness? Maybe in sex, but it is not accurate.
3. Do not invite me to come to visit you in the first letter. Men, come on. Do you really think that everything is so bad in my life that I will run after a man to the ends of the earth? Maybe I'm looking for a real gentleman who can conquer me?
4. Men who blame their negative previous experience. Do you really think that I am wondering what happened before me?
5. Men who ask for my contact information in the first letter because they do not have the ability to communicate through the site. Do you really think that if I sit in a restaurant and a man comes to me and asks for my phone number, I certainly should give it just because I'm looking for a man? Perhaps it is worth thinking about the fact that Mom taught not to communicate with strangers. And you are strangers for me in the first stages.
6. Men who believe that I should run on Skype to show them my reality and what I do not earn on the site! I'm sorry, what? Do I make money on the site? I think I've missed something. I am on the site only 2 weeks. Before that, I visited 14 countries and live the life of which I have always dreamed and can afford. Really, after I registered on the site, my life has changed dramatically and I bought a Bentley? I have a lot of men in the black list. I hope I answered your question?
7. Freaks, sick on the head, married. This is a separate caste of personalities. This information can not be verified. Once a letter came from a man who had perfect family profile photos. He said that he would love me to the grave only if I got pregnant from my father! Whaaaat?! My father died! You need to be treated and not to look for the second half. Married ones, do not write me, I am looking for only a serious relationship. I'm sure we will not make friends with your wife.
8. Men who tell how much money they spend on the site. I am not interested. I mean, I'm not interested at all. It's your problems. I am looking here for a husband and for me it is free and I do not want to know how much this site costs you. If you can not afford it, then how can you afford to have a wife?
9. Men who shout that I did not find their letter or did not respond in time. Do you really think that I have no other life than answering your letters? I have very very many incoming letters. I think there is no problem to remind about yourself again. If I answered you, then you are interesting to me. Calm down!
10. Total lies. I'm against it. I do not communicate only with you and I do not love you but I think you are nice. And yes, I am looking for a man and that is why I have to choose and communicate, communicate and choose, blacklist. My search is real and I am real. If you tell me about your eternal love, is it even possible in the virtual world?
11. Meeting! Everyone wants it. The final. I haven't had it yet. But I am surprised by men who believe that they have a relationship with a woman whom they have never seen?!
12. Men who fell into the hands of scam temptresses. I sincerely feel sorry for you. If you think that only men are asked for money. You're wrong. Recently, an African American wrote to me asking to send him $500 because he lives among veterans and wants to change this situation. If a girl at the first meeting asks to buy her a new iPhone, does it really affect your relationship? If a girl thinks that she urgently needs money and you are the only one who will save her, isn't this a lie? You know there is a way out - tell the site administration about it. Her profile will be deleted. Do not close your eyes. These girls are fraudsters and other men can be their victims. Only if you do not stop them!!!

So, I voiced some obvious facts about my 2 week use of a dating site. Negatives turned out to be 2 times more because men do not always look for what they indicate in their profiles.
I would like to share this experience with you. Perhaps you will continue my challenge and tell us about your impressions? I am sure it will be very interesting.
Your Alla

04 Feb 2019

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Her in 2019

How to choose the best from all St. Valentine's gift ideas for her in 2019?

Have you started thinking about Valentine’s gift ideas for her? If you haven’t, now is the time to get started, because that special day is fast approaching. St. Valentine’s day is honored every year on 14th February. There is no excuse for not buying your significant other a gift because you can’t turn on the TV, radio, open a newspaper or walk past a store without being reminded of this momentous day. It is dedicated to the celebration of love between a man and a woman. On this day, couples get to showcase their love for one another through many different ways such as Valentine’s gift flowers delivery, chocolates, teddy bears, jewelry, and much more. It’s no secret that men find it difficult when it comes to choosing presents for their significant other and can spend days agonizing over this. This problem is further compounded when you have just met someone through online dating, and you are not really familiar with what they like. Not to worry, help is at hand. In this comprehensive gift guide, you will find dozens of unique ideas for Valentine’s Day 2019. You can purchase everything online for the woman you wish to woo at

St. Valentine’s Day Gift Edition

With this special St. Valentine's day gift edition, you will make your woman happy!

If you are a hopeless romantic wanting to play cupid, you can speak the love language loud and clear with a St. Valentine’s Day Gift Edition providing the perfect present to show your love and affection for all budgets.

Gifts for Makeup Lovers

Skincare products are the best gifts for makeup lovers!

What better time to buy her favorite bright red lipstick than on Valentine’s day? No matter what you plan to do with your lady, one of the most exciting things about this day (apart from eating loads of chocolate) is getting ready! There are very few women who don’t wear makeup so you can’t go wrong with skincare products.

  • A cosmetic kit

  • GloPro micro-needling device

  • Glow Recipe: Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer

  • Cle de Peau Beaute face cream

  • Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Oil

  • Charlotte Tilbury Kissing Lipstick

  • Becca X: Khloe Kardashian Glow Palette

  • Diptyque Limited Edition hand and body lotion

  • Pat McGrath Blood lip gloss

  • Nars Skin Deep eye palette

  • The Glossier Skincare set

  • Makeup brushes

Gifts for Watch Lovers

Choose an elegant accessory as a gift for a watch lover  

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your girlfriend? If she likes watches, you’ve hit the jackpot because they make fantastic presents. The majority of Valentine’s gifts for her are not practical for everyday use, a box of chocolates gets eaten in a day and flowers get left in a vase and die within a week! A nice watch by Swatch, however, is worn all day every day, not just to keep track of time but they are also stylish fashion accessories. So, if she’s wearing her watch every day, each time she looks at it, she will think of you!

Gifts for Movie Lovers

All types of gifts for movie lovers: ultimate collection of ideas

Silver screen fanatics are not the easiest people to shop for. While you could take her out to see the latest movie, there’s a high chance she’s already seen it. The good news is that movie lovers don’t just love films, they love everything to do with movies and that includes books, memorabilia and much more. So here are some fantastic ideas for movie lovers that your girlfriend won’t be able to resist.

  • Tarantino XX film collection

  • Movie night marathon

  • A cinema ticket to a popular movie

  • The Wes Anderson collection

  • The 40th Anniversary Godfather collection

  • Star Wars: The complete saga

  • Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece collection

  • A Clockwork Orange poster

  • Cinlinx: A movie lovers’ game

  • Steven Spielberg: A Retrospective

  • Ingmar Bergman’s Cinema

  • Minimalist Movie Posters

  • Martin Scorsese masterclass

  • Cinemetal t-shirts

Gifts for Yoga Lovers

A useful gift for yoga lovers: to keep mind and body healthy

There is more to yoga than working out, if you are serious about it, yoga is a lifestyle. This means that your girlfriend is going to really appreciate and love what you get her because she will realize that you’ve been paying attention, and understand how important yoga is to her. From home accessories to apparel, to a yoga certificate to try professional classes, whether she’s a seasoned professional yoga teacher or a newbie, your partner won’t be able to stop smiling when she unwraps it.

St. Valentine’s Gifts for Travelers

St. Valentine's gifts for travelers that any girl would be glad to get

By plane, yacht, car, or even tandem — you’ve built a huge collection of memories on your travels together. If there is one thing you are certain of, it’s that your significant other loves to travel! But with so many travel-related Valentine’s day gifts out there, it can be difficult to find something special for travelers that’s really going to blow her away. If you feel like you’re in a tight spot at the moment, here are some seriously cute and unique gift ideas for your globetrotter girlfriend.

  • English lessons

  • Mountain creek ski bus

  • Snow tubing and brewery

  • Hunter mountain ski bus

  • Waterfall ice hike day trip

  • Mount snow weekender

  • A cork globe

  • A pink wheeled travel bag

  • A monogrammed luggage tag

  • A monogrammed passport

  • A monogrammed travel bag

  • Tea or coffee from different countries around the world

  • A personalized map

  • A travel journal

St. Valentine’s Gifts for Cooks

Wonderful St. Valentine's gifts for cooks that can inspire anybody

One of the best things about having a girlfriend that loves to cook is that she will cook for you and you will never go hungry. So why not spur her on, show her how much you appreciate her delicious tasting food and buy her a Valentine’s day gift that will benefit the both of you. A Bosch blender would make an awesome present for a girl that enjoy being an artist in her own kitchen.

Food Gifts for St. Valentine’s Day

Food gifts for St. Valentine's day: because a delicious meal makes a great present

Food and love have a close relationship, and at no time of year does this become more apparent than on Valentine’s day. Traditional is always going to be a safe option, but if you want to go the extra mile and do something for your girlfriend that screams the wow factor, food gifts are the way forward. Pizza, sushi, or restaurant food delivery is something every girl will be happy to receive!

St. Valentine’s Chocolate Gifts

St. Valentine's chocolate gifts: chocolate is forever

Chocolate might be a cliché traditional Valentine’s day gift, but it’s still one of the best presents you can buy her. Never take the power of good quality chocolate for granted, from single chocolate bars to chocolate romantic boxes, the thing is that you can’t go wrong with it since just about everyone loves chocolate. Even as an adult, a box of assorted chocolates brings about a burst of childlike excitement. Have you ever wondered why you feel so good when you eat chocolate? That’s because it has been scientifically proven that it makes us happy; dark chocolate contains serotonin which improves mood. It also contains flavonoids which make us feel more positive. How can she not have a love for chocolate?

Sports-Related St. Valentine’s Day Gifts

Go for sports-related St. Valentine's day gifts: stay active and happy

Is your girlfriend an athlete or a die-hard sports fans? Whether she loves baseball, golf, netball, surfing, fishing, soccer, basketball or football, you’re sure to hit a home run with a sports gift. A certificate to a gym, a swimming pool, or a fitness center would be a great opportunity to try new activities. The best thing about sports is that there are a variety of gift ideas, you are not bound to buying her tickets to watch her favorite team, neither are you bound to buying her sports equipment. You have got plenty to choose from.

Gifts for Shoe Lovers

Shopping on 14th February as a gift for your lady

Women have no qualms admitting their deep-rooted, die-hard love for shoes. They may make the perfect option for any occasion, but there are even more special as a Valentine’s day gift. When it comes to shoes, you can opt for practical and luxury at the same time, and as she wears them over and over again, they are likely to become a staple in her wardrobe. Couples love to celebrate on Valentine’s day, and gifting your lover with a shoe-shopping certificate will be a nice gesture, and she will have some gorgeous shoes to wear for a date. Also, nothing is cuter than a couple with matching wardrobes so you might want to consider getting the same shoes in the male and female version.

Gifts for Gadget Lovers

Gifts for gadget lover: stay in touch with those you love

A gorgeous bunch of flowers and a box of finger licking good chocolates are always going to make great Valentine’s presents, but if you want to be a bit more adventurous and take a detour outside of the predictable Valentine’s gift route, then tech items will get you in her good books if she’s a gadget lover. One of the many benefits of gadgets is that they suit any personality. It means that if she’s into smartphones, you can get her the latest iPhone X, and if she’s into watching films and television, you can get her the LCD TV. You can go for an Apple Mac Book Air if she needs a new laptop for work or for fun.

Gifts for Perfume Lovers

Gifts for perfume lovers: the power or a wonderful scent 

Give your date night a fragrant start with a gorgeous romantic scent from one of the many luxury perfume brands. Perfume is so personal when it comes to female beauty because of the power that it carries. Have you ever walked past a delicious smelling stunning woman? That smell stayed with you didn’t it? And when you smelt the smell again, you were reminded of her beautiful face. That’s how powerful perfume is, it invokes memories of passion, pleasure and in some cases pain! There are all types of emotions associated with perfume, so you are going to want a gift that your partner has a connection with such brands as Kenzo, Dior, D&G, or Marc Jacobs. Or opt for an eternal classic — Chanel #5.

St. Valentine’s Jewelry Gift Ideas

St. Valentine's jewelry gift ideas: beautiful accessories for charming ladies

If you want to get really romantic on Valentine’s day, you are guaranteed to do the trick with jewelry. The good thing about jewelry is that there is so much variety, a ring could signify many things, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an engagement ring. A gold bracelet or a pair of amazing earrings is yet another amazing option. Your lover might be into luxury brands or the simpler things in life, but whatever you get, she is going to appreciate the time and effort you put into finding her that spectacular piece of jewelry that matches her style. There is a wide range of choices to take into consideration.

St. Valentine’s Massage Gift Certificates

St. Valentine's massage gift certificate: the healing power of touch

If your partner is a city girl, living a high paced stressful life then she will love a massage. A massage certificate will help her relax the nervous system and release a healthy dose of the feel-good hormone. A good session might include something like polarity therapy for deep relaxation, or energy work. One of the many benefits of massage is that it increases the production of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin which boosts the mood and enhances feelings of social bonding. So, if the first person she sees is you after a massage, you know you are in for a treat! She is not likely to forget the gift of a soothing touch easily. No matter which country you are in, spas and massage therapists around the country are offering discounts and special deals.

Gifts for Handbag Lovers

Gifts for handbag lovers: a must-have accessory for any girl

There are men who will spend hundreds of dollars on a gadget and women have a difficult time understanding why, and there are women, who will spend hundreds of dollars on a handbag, and men will have a difficult time understanding why. The why is not the issue. You want to impress your significant other. If you notice that she has a decent collection of handbags in her wardrobe, Valentine’s day is the perfect opportunity to get another one to add to her collection. But before you make your way out the door, make sure you take a peek at her assortment of bags to give you an idea of what she would prefer.

Traditional Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Traditional Valentine's gift ideas: a bouquet is as popular as ever

Romance will never go out of style, although you should show your significant other that you love them all the time, there is nothing wrong with going over the top on Valentine’s day. Although these ideas are pretty cliché and not necessarily original, they will set your woman’s heart racing because it’s the thought that counts. Whether you are just dating, married, or in a serious relationship, you can never go wrong with red, pink, or white roses because they are considered sweet and romantic, and all women love them.

Gifts for Dance Lovers

Gifts for dance lovers: it's never too late to learn new moves

Some women just love to dance, whether they do so professionally or around the house, she will appreciate you that much more when you hand over your gift because it shows that you pay attention. You might not be John Travolta, but you can get involved in the action by purchasing a present that both of you can indulge in such as salsa, ballroom or Latin dance classes. If you really do have two left feet and would rather leave the complicated footwork up to the professionals, you can opt for one of the following options: belly dance certificate, strip plastic lessons, ballet, tap dancing, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, highland, jazz, line, Irish or break dance.

So, after spending hours on end racking your brains about what to buy her on this momentous day, getting advice from friends, asking your mother, aunts, cousins and every female you meet, you finally bought her a fabulous gift, wined and dined her and made all her dreams come true! Well done, you’ve done a spectacular job, but just remember that when the clock strikes midnight on 15th February 2019, Valentine’s day will be officially over! This doesn’t mean that you stop letting your significant other know how much you appreciate her. You should display the love and adoration that you have for your woman on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean you have to continuously adorn her with expensive gifts, the odd card, a nice home cooked meal, and the occasional night out is a nice display of affection that any woman would appreciate. But don’t let a day go by when she doesn’t know how much you love her.