Chance Meeting

on 09 Jan 2017

They say diamonds are the best girls friends... But for my opinione a sincerely love is the only biggets treasure in a world! What I want? I want love... serious relationship... family... a lot of lovely moments together... just simple things but very important! I am here looking for my own diamond, my own brilliant with a sparkle of the rainbow! I am serious about wanting family, and a lover to share the world with... that decision I have made. Now what do I want in my soul mate... a belief that there is nothing we can not overcome "together" that we work on loving each other everyday and never loose the will. I will support my man in all that he asks and doesn't ask. I want for us to never have need to look at other men or woman knowing what we have together is better than anything "out" there. To find joy in raising family and making it care and loving warmth. So how do we move forward? In life you need to make things happen, decsions to get what you want... A simple is what makes up all the moments in life that are special. Big things happen from many small things. It takes a small spark to start a fire. It takes one snowflake to start a winter wonderland. It takes a chance to start a relationship! A chance meeting here can be a destiny?

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