Go through fire and water for her man

on 09 Jan 2017

New Year is special time of year, time to reflect what was good in life and what held you back. To focus on what you can change in yourself, because we can not change others, we can only change the way we react to others. How? Just ignoring negative sides and concentrate only on positive sides of life. But easy to say not easy to do... I consider people cannot be like a smiling dolls all the time, sometimes we can be tied after hard job or just in a bad mood and it is a time for a risk of scandal in family. We can not avoide of critical moments in our lives but we can just live without thinking a lot!)))

I research on the lots of opinions and found that Ukrainian women are have very high values. They say a Ukrainian woman would go through fire and water for her man. They believe in loving and giving all to relationship, family values. They are loyal and trustworthy. I myself feel the same way towards my man. Of course its well known the beauty of Ukrainian ladies. But sometimes people care of only outlook and never look deep inside of soul. I am not like that at all, I want to LOVE and CARE for my man tell death no matter how he looks like or his age. I know that it will take work everyday to have this special relationship but I want nothing more in my life than this. Everyone deserves this too!


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