The principal question

By SweetJasmin
on 11 Jan 2017

probably today I want to answer the principal question (my vision). Why do I want marrying a foreigner?
And then actually, I should say what I want from the relationship:
1. a normal relationship, where the salute love, compromise, willingness to help each other and Love True, not contrived or selfish. This is the moment. I just want to love you! Where are you?
2. I want to have children. I think it's normal at my age. I want that my children to be similar to my man. In addition, I understand that my men can have children as well. My dream is to become a friend to them.
It is difficult to answer unequivocally, why I want to marry a foreigner?
Well, because I do not see a future for my children in Ukraine. Let's talk about it, I'll tell you in private correspondence, okay?
3. I want to be able to work. Unfortunately, with the work of all sad in Ukraine.
Actually, I'm not looking for money bag. Love or there, or there is no love, you know? Not for nothing because there is the concept of "chemistry", "soulmate".
If you feel something nice towards me, then write me. I want to fall in love, and to finish this search ... With you?

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