Imagine that you have a superpower. you know everything and you clearly see the whole reality.
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Once you know everything about everything, you will find yourself in a state similar to Quantum Superposition.
Everything will instantly make sense to you. Because you will see all events and objects related to each other. The behavior of people (and your own until the moment of enlightenment) will become clear, understandable and predictable for you. You will stop worrying about trifles. Trivia will turn out to be necessary elements of the world order for you. Disasters will cease to seem evil to you. And the value judgments themselves will no longer make sense to you. You will no longer be afraid of the future. Because you will be able to see it in decomposition to the present moment. Everything will become fulfilling and valuable. You will notice that each person plays a part in a large play that has a clear, unwritten, self-expanding script.
At the same time, you will gain a feeling of complete emptiness. But emptiness is not like the absence of something important in some container. And as a complete, universal emptiness - as an all-encompassing essence. You will instantly feel everything that exists as empty. And You - a part of this emptiness. The solution of some everyday problems that seemed important to you up to this moment will become minor and insignificant for you. But this will not bother you.
And now the most important answer to the question: What will you do when all this happens to you?
You will be contemplating. In complete, serene tranquility. You will be performing a profound act of non-doing.