What is love?
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💋Some people love money and as soon as they meet a person with wealth, they immediately fall in love. Many people call such a manifestation of love, not real love, arguing that as soon as the money disappears, love will pass, and real love never passes.

I hasten to disappoint such people, love goes away even from those who experience the strongest feelings. This happens when a person is ignored for a long time, he feels unnecessary and just leaves, but he loved, his love was sincere, why then can we afford to say that it was not real? People rarely think about such questions as, what is love? Why do you need it? How to distinguish it from a habit.😘

Love is a habit for a person, so married couples arise because of long love, a habit has arisen and people can not see their future life without a partner.😊

Love, whatever it is, is always real, but most people have principles and what does not agree with their opinion is rejected. Love helps a person to move forward, it makes him more productive.❤❤❤

And in general, love is a wonderful feeling, you can't live a day without it, so love people and all living beings. Love will bring a little joy and a sense of happiness to the soul.💌💌💌💌💌