A woman needs warmth...
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They say that a woman is much stronger and more mentally resilient than a man. This is manifested in work, in everyday life, in the upbringing of a child...
When the question concerns a relationship with a man, and especially when a man becomes cold to a woman. Women in this case are divided into 2 types and behave differently.
The first type of women become independent and ruthless ladies who treat men roughly and no longer see any need for them. But this is just their protective mask.
The second type of women are female cats, who like to be taken care of and petted. Such women are always soft and fluffy. They can be a little tricky to win the attention of their man. They will do anything for their family.
But there is something that unites all these women - they all need warmth and affection.
Therefore, I want to say, men-love your women, and they will love you even more in return!