The best medicine for love !
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sports, first of all, is what makes your body strong, and your mind bright and clean ! your head is literally cleared after a good yoga session ,and at this moment you have the opportunity to think about weighing all the pros and cons! so in any sport, a sports hall is a place where you can not only think about it, you can forget yourself in it, just without noticing how time flies !why do you think I consider this variety a good cure for love ? you have less time for love, and you do something besides thinking about the person you love, I can often be sad, thinking about where is my love ? why isn't she around ! I want to feel the warmth of my loved one ,I don't want to sit at home alone and hear the noise of my computer's coolers! that's why I always do sports, making my body strong and my mind clean ! I advise all people to do sports, at least a little ! this is my advice on how to survive long-distance communication or separation ! the most important thing is not to lose heart and play sports ! I wish everyone success, and in 2021, because 2020 was not very rich in good events ! so let's work together with the whole world to restore faith in a miracle !