Top 5 most famous lawyers in the world
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A lawyer is not an easy profession: along with an excellent knowledge of jurisprudence, he must be able to think logically, be fluent in public speaking, in order to convince the audience that he is right. This article will highlight five of the most famous of them.

1. Fedor Plevako
Fyodor Nikiforovich is known as a talented lawyer and a brilliant orator of pre-revolutionary Russia. During his speeches, there were so many people who wanted to listen to his speeches that there was no free space in the courtrooms. He was so famous that his surname became a household name, denoting lawyers of the highest professionalism. Collections of his court speeches are still being studied at law schools.

2. Gloria Allred
Gloria Allred is recognized by many of her colleagues as the best lawyer in America. She is famous for taking on many scandalous and controversial cases, especially when it comes to fighting for women's rights. Often represents the interests of clients filing lawsuits against stars (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jackson, Donald Trump, etc.). Allred frequently covers the details of the cases with which she works in the press and leads a public life.

3. Alan Dershowitz
Alan became the youngest law professor at Harvard, earning his degree at 28.

The lawyer became famous for his involvement in murder appeals, winning 13 of 15 lawsuits. The most notorious among them is the trial against O. Jay Simpson, an American football player accused of the deaths of his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman. It was one of the first trials in America to be televised.

4. Joseph Jemail
He is one of the most renowned lawyers in the world and the only billionaire to earn his capital exclusively through legal practice.

Forbes magazine in 2011 estimated his fortune at approximately $ 1.5 billion.

Joe rose to fame in 1985 by winning one of the most expensive cases in US history between two oil companies: Pennzoil and Texaco. With the help of Joseph Pennzoil, this trial was won. Jemail's reward was $ 335 million! After this incident, the lawyer received the nickname "King of Civil Law". In total, he won over two hundred cases, each with over $ 1 million in compensation.

5. Geragos Mark
This famous American lawyer founded his law firm Geragos & Geragos, which has been involved in high-profile cases involving celebrities and won 98 cases out of 100!
One of the hearings that helped Mark to succeed was the trial of former Bill Clinton aide Susan McDougal, who was accused of fraud. No one believed that an acquittal was possible, but the young Mark managed to change the court's decision in favor of his client.

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