what does the clothes say
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A little working observation of my clients

Lovers of exclusive things that are sewn to order are bright and extraordinary personalities. Everything is perfect for them, and the slightest deviation from this standard pisses them off. You won't see cheap jewelry on these girls. It is worth remembering, despite the arrogant behavior, such women are vulnerable, and the image of a" diva with high self — esteem " is only a defense from others.

Creative personalities can be seen a mile away. They choose their outfit exclusively for the mood. It's easy to recognize a creative girl in a crowd: her clothes are a complete mess, she can either combine shapeless pants with a colored pullover and a large bag, or wear a small black dress, they are often accused of tastelessness.

There are always a lot of men around them. It is not difficult to get acquainted with such a girl, it is much more difficult to keep her near you. It is constantly necessary to surprise her, she is prone to infidelity.

Fashionistas. Public opinion means a lot to them, they follow all the new-fangled trends. When meeting such a girl, it is worth remembering that she has a goal to achieve a secure life, to which she confidently goes.

Stylish ladies in the wardrobe are almost always dominated by similar things that differ from others only in small things. Everything in life goes according to plan. People are quite hostile to others, it's hard to talk to such people. But they correctly calculate their strength and set real goals, they are confident in themselves and do not feel the need to prove to others every day that they are the best.

Fans of sports style have not yet decided in life. Usually, these are teenagers. The exception is sportswear during training or on vacation.
A girl who chooses a hippie style may be unsure of herself and throws a clear "challenge" to society. Worn torn jeans, oversized T-shirts, long dresses, sneakers or other shoes without heels.

High heels, a dress with a deep neckline, a skirt with a large slit, stockings, red lipstick are the attributes of a femme fatale. It looks vulgar. They have low self-esteem. Oi does not try to attract the attention of the stronger sex in a "bright" way.
Lovers of deep cleavage are domineering women, always striving to control everything and make sure that everything goes as planned by them.
People who, on the contrary, prefer closed clothes with a lot of jewelry, are closed, do not want anyone to look into their inner world.
Despite all of the above, every woman is an individual, and in the wardrobe of each representative of the fair sex there are attributes of many styles that they can combine.