Beach incident
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The weather was hot.
The sun is at its zenith, not a cloud in the sky. Swim, sunbathe, rest well. So we went. But as soon as we spread the blanket on the sand, a huge thundercloud appeared in the sky. In an instant, there was such a storm that we had never seen before. The wind was stormy, lifted the sand and carried it head over heels along the ground, the rain was pouring, thunder thundered, lightning flashed, and the sky was hopeless black.

In panic, people gathered their things and ran in all directions: some were hiding in cars, others under the roofs of summer beach houses. My friend and I decided to run to the minibus that would take us back to the city. As luck would have it, collecting our things and leaving them in our bags, we ran away from the beach.

But as soon as they got into the minibus, and it started safely, the rain stopped instantly, the wind died down, the clouds dispersed, and the sun shone in the sky again. As if someone just dreamed of driving us off the beach, and having done this, he calmed down again.