Survive after
id: 47308

Surviving the year 2020 and the pandemic has become a difficult task for many. Quarantine, prohibitions, permanent restrictions 😣 What has changed for me? Honestly, the quarantine was hard for me.

I was left without a team. There were five masters and an administrator in my studio, and after the quarantine I was left alone. And, you know, there was a desire to leave everything as it is and close at home.

But I wouldn't be me if I did 😏

In September-October 2020, I "came to life" and started building a business anew. Recruit masters, look for clients, equip the studio. It was difficult, of course, there were different thoughts, and the desire to quit everything, including.

In the winter of 20/21, I had masters, a little later we moved to a new studio, made repairs and the heat began! A new client base, new masters, a huge amount of work 🔥

Now I have 6 wonderful masters working with me, each of them has a full sold out for weeks ahead 🤩

I look back at last year and don't understand: how did it happen? Of course, it was hard for me to return to the work schedule "from morning to night", difficulties began in the family, fatigue from unaccustomed habits affected, But we overcame all this and, thank God, everything is fine!

Now I am the happy owner of a wonderful studio, a wonderful team and the best clients! So, the pandemic not only killed some of my nerve cells, but also gave me a big kick under something 😂