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I often hear questions about long distance relationships. How to build such a relationship correctly, how to bring them to a wedding, and is there any chance of such love at all? Of course have! Every day more and more relationships start at a distance via the Internet. And it depends only on you how they will develop. In this blog, I want to share my expert opinion on how to build a relationship if you can't be close to a man. So, you met through the Internet, live in different cities or even countries, have never seen each other live, and your communication is currently limited only to the virtual network. In this case, your main task is to meet in real life as soon as possible. Don't put off your online communication for years. A man includes the physical presence of a woman - a play of glances, smiles, energy. You can't truly fall in love with a man over the Internet, no matter what your fan tells you! And you yourself will not be able to understand until the first meeting with whom you are actually communicating and how much this man suits you.
I call the virtual world the kingdom of crooked mirrors. During virtual communication, women often fall in love with the image they have created, which in life may have little to do with a real person. Will you love him the same when you meet him? Will your feelings remain the same as during an online romance? Accident. Therefore, I advise you to clarify the situation in real life as soon as possible, without wasting time on an affair with a virtual dream! A man who is really interested in a woman quickly moves on to real meetings. Of course, certain difficulties may arise, especially if your chosen one lives in another country. But as practice shows, if the first meeting does not occur after 3-6 months of communication, the probability that it will happen at all is close to zero. A man must give the dates, the more accurate the better, buy a ticket. , we book a hotel, discuss the details. Otherwise, he will urge you to marry only in your next life. In the most crucial periods of a relationship, a man should take the initiative. It is he who invites you on a date, the first to talk about love, and so on. Do not take this role away from him, you have a different task. You need to guide the man to take these basic steps. Tell him about the feelings that await both of you when you first meet, how you want to feel his gaze on you, and so on. You will see it works, and if not, then the man is not interested in a real meeting. So why waste time on it? Dear ones, don't be afraid of online dating and virtual romance. Sometimes they develop into a real and very happy marriage. The main thing is to be able to build relationships correctly, wisely and like a woman. And it doesn't matter where the acquaintance took place, on the street or on a dating site!