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Beautiful Montenegro❤❤❤❤
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One of the most beautiful places which I visited is Montenegro. I flew by plane. After a long flight we arrived, I was in Montenegro. On the way to the hotel we passed high mountains, Adriatic sea and many beautiful places. Sometimes after arrival we went to the beach. And when we came to the beach we felt a light breeze from the sea coast. Sea was very cold and swimming was almost impossible. A few days later we went on an interesting tour. We visited a lot of interesting places. I visited the top of the mountain, where I took a lot of beautiful photos. Then we went to the Pivsky canyon. The canyon was surrounded by three highest mountains. Then we went to Skadar lake, where the tastiestfish of Montenegro is found. After that we went to the Holy place - to the monastery "Ostrog" where the relics of its founder VasilyOstrog are kept. The monastery itself is located in a rock at an altitude of about nine hundred meters above sea level. It is very beautiful, big and enjoys its popularity among tourists. Two days later we went on another informative and interesting excursion to the city of Kotor and the city of Perast. In the city of Perast we saw how the inhabitants throw stones and thus build the island of St. Mary. This tradition takes place every year on July 22.

I really enjoyed this amazing journey. And what a pity that we had to fly away in one day. It was very hard and sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful country. Lovetotravel!