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07 Jan 2017

We get what we deserve

We so often want something, we put all efforts on searching of the very happiness, and then wonder why our happiness in reality is a misfortune or happiness, but not our`s. During the last few years, I became a supporter of the theory that we get something or somebody who we deserve .A lot of people will take breath and think: "How is it, I'm trying my best, but nothing good happen. My simple answer is like this Or you try not enough , or you don`t know what you really want and need.. For example a young man was doing everything possible to become a famous dancer, but becoming an incredible professional, he realized that does not enjoy it. turns out The fame and recognition were his greatest love , and it does not matter, would he be an artist, writer, programmer, an owner of toy`s factory or a sports commentator. The secret of happiness is banal and is eternal truth .... just To understand what you really want !!