True happiness is possible here. We just need to be open with each other

on 09 Jan 2017

I am on the site about 3 months and I want to share my feelings about this, I am a bit amazed how skeptical are men here about us, women, I can say that I still feel pretty lonely in spite of the fact that I do want to give my love, that I am sincere here, I just feel that there is no trust to myself. How can I show this more…? How can I make you believe that my body and soul need the same as you need? I want to say dear men that the true happiness can be created here, we just need to be sincere and to give our love openly!
I am talking not about letters here, I mean what we can share by them, the kind of love that transforms broken lives, overcomes relationship struggles, brings peace to challenges like infertility, and brings healing and wholeness to the toughest moments we’ll ever face. Even with life stuff going on, I know it’s possible to have the kind of love that makes you smile while falling asleep because your heart is full and at peace with the world.
Sincerely, Nastya

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