Hi Ladies

on 17 Feb 2017

I am not sure if this blog will pass moderation as many of mine don't for some reason. I do wish that the moderators would inform one why they do decide that. But anyway I will write it and see what happens.
Men like it when their ladies remember or notice special events like birthdays. One way to win a man's heart is to notice when his birthday is. I am very sad today as my birthday was on February and not one of the 20+ ladies that write me on a daily basis noticed. Not all men broadcast when their special day is coming but it would be a good idea if you want to be close to him you know these things and send greetings. To a man as much as to a woman birthdays are more important tan Valentines, Halloween and other days.
Just my thoughts and if any other men or women want to add to this please feel free to do so.

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