Opposite or similarity, what attracts more?

on 20 Apr 2017

Today I want to talk about finding the second half. Or rather, in whom are we interested more?
To whom we are more attracted ?? To opposites or like us people?
I hear many times the phrase of the opposite is pleasant.
"But as for me it's a contentious question, how is it with the fact that you have a lot of disagreements
with an absolutely unlike woman, and even conflicts about choosing food, watching a movie, music and travels.
Is this not a reason for a quarrel ???? Yes, at the beginning of a relationship, maybe you will give in.
Someone is more, and some are less.
There is also the second side of the coin. We are looking for our own kind.
After all, it's nice to communicate with a person on topics that you also like. You will think in the same vein,
in one direction! But such partners quickly get bored with each other ??? Which partner would you choose ????
Oh! I'm confused! I am not experienced in these matters.
I'm just trying to think correctly and logically.
I think that it is not for nothing that the ancient sages say about the "yin yang" halves that are attracted.
In ancient China believed that opposites like: light and darkness, sun and moon, man and woman - can not exist alone
without the other. And maybe exactly the opposite harmoniously complement each other ?? what do you think about that???
Do you believe in the power of "yin yang" ???
I look forward to your thoughts on this matter.
With respect, Irina

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