RE: I pick older man instead young)!

By Virgin_Baby
on 20 Apr 2017

Good time of day, dear man))
I hear that questions so often: “Why so young woman wants to be with older man???
What did she find in him??? Is it normal to be in love with man, who is much older??”.
I have my own opinion about it) I think, that you will be pleased to know it)
I think, that young woman is looking for teacher of life)) She wants to lean on a strong man,
who has experience. In fact, older man is smart and objective. Man can evaluate the pure and sweet soul his darling)
Young man can`t do it, cause he is interested in physical interests. He can`t give a useful advice.
Young man is looking for himself and doesn`t care about develop of skills his girlfriend.
Also, what about support in money question?? Of course, in general, older man can provide and solve that delicate problem))

So, you can see that I have justified my opinion) Do you think so??
If you have another view on that problem, please, let me know) I am ready to find out it)
With best regards, Ekaterina))

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