Own your body! Be confident!

on 20 Apr 2017

Hello everybody! Every word of this blog is coming straight from my heart. I am very curious to know men’s opinion.

Why all the men tend to judge a book by its cover. The world is filled with men looking at the exterior beauty rather than the inner one. Every man here says that he is looking for the lady with rich inner world, but in fact, everything is different.

Are there any men on this site who like curvy girls more than skinny ones? In the Renaissance for example, plump women were considered the most attractive. Society sets standards of beauty and programs men through Internet, advertising, movies, mass media to find certain body types attractive.

I think that every man have to talk to every woman respectfully and get to know her as a person… he will almost certainly be surprised by the outcome. Many people become more beautiful the more you get to know them.

But I don’t lose hope. I am sure that there are some guys who are more into lady’s personality than her exterior looks. I am proud of whoever I am, and the right person will definitely like me.

I am convinced that body type doesn't matter as much as confidence. Some men like larger women, but hardly any good men like women who don't like themselves!

Own your body! Be confident!



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