Cruel Intentions

By CharmingElena
on 20 Apr 2017

I want to say thank you that you decided to read my blog. This is my first blog and initially I thought to write about something romantic and sublime… about love. But then I decided to write about my thoughts that bother me. I don’t have much experience in dealing with men, especially on this site. But I caught myself thinking that I forgot how to trust men. And I asked myself why? Every day we hear from men that the girls are treacherous, selfish and deceitful. Some of you wondered why these girls were like that…Where are the girls who can be faithful, honest and loving? Maybe they are there, where men who know how to appreciate it? Every man says that he is looking for a faithful and loving wife ... but why does he choose a young girl with a model appearance and big breasts? He chooses a girl who wants to travel, wants branded fashion dresses and expensive bags. Why does not this man choose a modest girl who works as a teacher and is ready to create a family? And the most important question ... why it is so hard for women to trust men and they are becoming more like them? After all, every girl dreams of a white dress and a loving husband from childhood. We are not born cold and selfish, who cannot trust men. What changes the girl? The answer is simple ... Behind every such girl there is a man who broke her heart and betrayed her. Have you watched the movie "Cruel Intentions"? If you watched it, you will understand what I mean. You might think that the main goal of my blog is to blame men for their lies and hypocrisy. But it is not the right answer.... Two parties are involved in the lie - one who composes a fairytale, and one who earnestly wants to believe in it. I want to encourage you to be honest with yourself and with the person you chose. I encourage you to be honest with each other. Because I want and I hope to meet a man with whom I will learn to re-trust. And what about you?


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