How to break the silence in the room?

By LadyLuck
on 18 May 2017

Have you ever felt like you want to start a conversation with someone just next to you, but you can't seem to find a right word?
Pick your chin up from the computer. Stand up and stretch, and if you need to break the silence, or set the mood for conversation you're about to have you can always turn on music.
It literally can already be a good enough reason for an interesting conversation.
I listen to a variety of music, love my favorite intruments are guitars mostly, pianos too.
Each line of the lyrics can be ocean-deep.
Country, Blues and Soul makes me relaxed. It's smooth and the music tends to be refreshing. Also, the emotions with which Blues singers sing, it's amazing. You get soaked in the melody.
Pop and electronics are fun to listen to. Mainstream Pop today has no lyrics to reflect onto, so it's fun when I'm travelling. Everything tends to repeat, so I don't bother about it much, and it serves well as background music.
The more sensible pop music, like Baroque pop and Indie Pop are interesting. They give a similar feeling as country/blues does. Unfortunately, this kind of Pop is not mainstream.
Classics may be a bit out of fashion, but it seems more intelligent even without lyrics.
It's fun, to listen to some, I feel good and I would want to start dancng if I had company.
Instrumental makes me peaceful.
I have listened to a few symphonies from composers like Mozart and Beethoven. They have been beautifully haunting for me, and enough to interest me for a long time. No texts to keep you, no social networks to push you out of the moment. Forget for a moment that your schedule is plumped with responsibilites & deadlines. These are the moments you’re going to miss tomorrow and might even find yourself thinking, “I wish I didn’t take that for granted.”
And it's even better when you're not by yourself...

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