Why this happens in Spring???

By DanceSoul
on 18 May 2017

Why do people fall in love in spring? This question I asked myself today, passing through the central park and glimpsing a lot of people in love. Spring awakens in people the feelings of changing their lives and doing crazy things for their second half.
Yesterday's afternoon when I was walking I saw how a guy walking with his girlfriend and confessed her love with the help of a song. It's unclear where the big column with the microphone came from and he sang a beautiful song about love with all those people who walked nearby. It was wonderful and I realized that in the spring there is something unusual that motivates people to do such things, and it's perfectly seen that love exists, that it is everywhere! I hope that I, too, will be able to experience these wonderful feelings.
Many people say that now you can not find sincere feelings, but this is not true. If a person believes in sincere love, he or she will necessarily find it, or it will find the main thing not to miss the chance and do everything right. I believe in meeting that person with whom I will be ready to go all my life - from the beginning to the end. Always have to believe in miracles, and hope for the best)
Every person who loves will be loved, but not everyone is ready to wait for it. I'm ready to wait for my beloved person and I do not know when it will be but it will happen and I believe in it, believe you too!


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