An unusual discovery - old movies! Let's watch together?

on 18 May 2017

Hello dearest reader! I hope that both male and female will read my message here. As i believe that it is important for both to develop personality in many different ways. I wonder what movies do women watch and what men do? Oh, i am not speaking about XXL films haha, which are also our part of the life sometimes when we are lonely. Agree? :) Usually, I rarely watch movies, because I fall asleep))) BUT! Not so long ago I discovered the world of old movies. In particular, I was impressed by Billy Wilder's film "The Apartment" ... It would seem a trivial and very life story, plus a standard happy ending ... But this story inspires confidence, you are like a part of this film! I recommend to view, and let you not be confused frankly "female set" of a good guy, snot, tears and a broken heart. The development of events will pleasantly surprise you. And such unobvious at first glance morality: what you need most is very close, the main thing to see. I wish we could discuss that if some is interested privately.
What is important for you?

Kindly Elena

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