By *Alice in Wonderland*
on 18 May 2017

WHO IS SHE?.....An animal's interest, a throbbing throbbing throat or still a moderate and correct communication? Mad from which the night is burned like a match and from which you do not know what to expect. Kisses to blood or scandal. Or is it a miracle with angelic eyes, fainting from the word "ass" but with which days are full of warmth and faith? Probably almost every man was racking his brains over it. I'm not going to tell you from the lungs.
All men want everything at once, and preferably in one person.
Bite off each of these juicy piece and mix in a bloody cocktail, to tremble at the feet, but with warmth all over the body. Alternating current through wires stretched all over the body, then it sticks out, then lets go, then into the furnace of Hell, then to the gods on Olympus. Whom will you pick? With whom are you ready to spend the rest of your life? What is the woman of your dreams?
The only problem is that once and bloody-mary from a favorite drink turns into a common swill, even candies become too sweet and tasteless if you eat them daily..that's the trouble ..

Your Unique Daria

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