What is love? How do women express their feelings?

on 17 Jun 2017

Love... Does anybody still believe in love?
I am hopeless romantic and I BELIEVE!Love is the one state, that unify men and women, but everybody express and open feelings differently...
Here I'd like to explain what do women feel when they are in love.
Sometimes men can't understand us, our love, and why when we are in relationships, we are not satisfied totally...As saying goes, all women are from Venus and men are from Mars.
For mostly all women love is strongly connected with care.Woman is full of tender words, endearment, when she is in love, she wants to inspire her beloved and always believe in him... And man for his turn extremely needs her confidence,because exactly confidence and respect gives man ability to feel himself protector and worthy take care about his beloved.
Men always think more widely,they need to work, earn money, protect and provide their family,that is why, sometimes men foreget about detail, those nitpicky things... But the main feature of women's love is attentiveness... We give our love in these small daily routine moments.
I suppose, it's not the news, woman always wants to discuss relationships, being emotionally opened to her beloved.We have strong desire to speak,find new ways to solve family problems,improve something... Men are totally different, not all men of course, as they say every rule has its own exception.
So, how could you define that woman is in love?
"The state of happiness..." These words fully express woman in love... She is sparkling, looking with widely openers yes and sincere smile... And not only with beloved, with all people near.
"The full devotion"
We devote all spare and even not spare time for family and our beloved
"The one in whole world"
When woman is in love, all other men don't exist for her... They simply disappeare.
Have you ever heard that 90% of women except sex without love?
Woman, who is in love, is totally openness, and sometimes women can be dissolved in beloved man"
Do you know how it's important to understand each other, when you are in love. Just ask yourself "If I were in her/gus shoes...??? "
With all warmth.

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