The long hard road towards trust.

on 17 Jun 2017

Hi or Privet!
My name is William and if I make an assumption right here I will say this.......every woman here wants to marry me!
Why would I say this?
Because over the 3 years I have been here I have received well over 15,000 letters.
Now, in America we have a saying, If you "assume" you make an Ass out of U and Me. Don't know how well that translates and it's not that important.
What is important is this; almost all of the letters I have received were pre-made. My name was dropped in at strategic points. It's common practice from what I hear. Supposedly it helps girls find the right guy in this sea of men. Send this form letter to 100 guys and you might get a response from Mr. Right. Hmmm, sounds like fishing.
Women here are looking for men to marry? Are they shopping? Or just fishing........Women, do not complain that men are just here to play around. I know I cannot take these types of letters seriously. And they are easy to spot. Any guy fooled by these letters will get what they deserve.
Why such a direct frank blog?
Easy answer.
I want to see men here find a girl that truly is interested in him. After all the name of this site is "Find-Bride".
What inspired me to write this blog today was a letter I found between all of the "form" letters I received. I found a diamond in my bag of coal. Time will tell if this is what I have been waiting for.
I just want to encourage women to be sincere and write spontaneous and honest letters and men to respond in earnest and honor to these women that are willing to leave behind everything to gain a good man.
And good fortune to all.

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