Barriers - Truthfully, what do you find?

on 18 Jun 2017

This is my first blog. Hi! I have been reading blogs and the couple thousand emails I have received. What a task! I noticed some things I would like to make you think about. These are my own opinions. Language - Yes english is the only language I know but for me to be on this site to find a lady, I believe I should learn her language also. I don't want her to always interpret what is said in Ukraine or Russia. It will take awhile to learn just as it will take time for her to learn English. It is another way to strenthen the relationship!)

Ladies, as a man, yes I am guilty of looking at your photos and enjoying the ones with bikinis or lingerie. Men are visual! No secret, right? But then I see complaints that some men only want to see more. If you upload these type of photos, you will get those results! Myself, it is more sexy and alluring to see a lady in a long dress or jeans/slacks. In my eyes, modesty speaks very loud! Yes, we want you to be appealing but I look for genuine smiles and to look into your eyes for brightness of life! That is how I see your true beauty, all of your character, your maturity, the great appeal that will last all of your life!

It is difficult for me to make the first step in real. I do not possess the courage to ask a lady for a date. I do not know how it is in other countries, but my experience in the U.S. says that most ladies are more on the outer appearance (and I guess that explains my low self confidence with women), and more on materialistic things. I am not rich with money or material but I have a rich heart and ladies here seem to see it more clearly! Thank you!)))

Almost every lady talks about going to the gym often. Is this really true? I guess it must be for how lovely each lady is here. I guess the intro letters are....wait let me revise, I appreciate an honest, open, personal letter. If I write you a letter, know that it is written just for you! Not a form letter. I want you to know my words are chosen just for you.

Younger ladies - 18 to 30 years old or those wanting children - I am an older gentleman and I can understand you wanting a mature man with experience. WARNING: just because the man is older does not mean he is mature! Be very careful! Personally, I cannot help you get pregnant and so if I do not pursuit you, understand that I do not want to stop you from the joy of becoming a mother and creating a beautiful family! Also, I do not have the energy to keep up with the younger ladies! Just being very honest!

Any relationship you have that you want to last a lifetime must be built upon honest and open communication! That is what I have learned in my experiences. Making love or seeing other countries or paying bills or having Sunday picnic with the whole family, none of this cannot work without communication. Arguements often start because someone forgot to give valid information. Ask someone who has had a divorce and if they are truthful in finding the answer, most likely the relationship started dying when communication stopped.

Thank you for reading my first blog. I am sure I will have some negative remarks but hopefully my thoughts will be helpful! Have an awesome day!

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