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on 18 Jun 2017


Well written blog which describes something I've wondered about, but haven't had the words to describe myself. We are constantly bombarded with letters, especially from very young girls, in whom I have absolutely no interest.
I have been on several sites, finally settling on this one. At first, I was caught up in the excitement: so many beautiful girls wanting ME! But, I am a curious sort, and I did research of these sites. I saw many horror stories, but I also found information on how to discover who is on the "up and up," and who is giving me the business. I did, briefly, fall victim to a huckster, but I learned much from that.
I won't give details, but once you learn to navigate the site, learn to detect suspicious behavior and are patient, you can find the girl you're looking for.
I, too, have found my diamond. We're in the embryonic stage, but I can tell that we are on the right road to happiness.
That is is a wonderful фото ( I, too, am learning Ukrainian language) of you and your girls.
What woman could resist after seeing that picture?
Thank you for your blog. I just wanted to add my 2 cents...

Bless you, your girls, and your future wife!


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